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Raksham is a staunch supporter of the thought that humans can create Artificial General Intelligence; a truly 'intelligent' machine in every sense of the word. Working on solutions revolving around Deep Learning to solve problems that matter.

Raksham Pandey Posts (4)

  • The AGI/Deep Learning Connection - 01 Feb 2018
    Also, deep learning would definitely prove to be an essential component to create truly intelligent machines but probably not enough alone.
  • Some Musings on Capsule Networks and DLPaper2Code - 06 Dec 2017
    Only the Godfather of Deep Learning did it again and came up with something brilliant — adding layers inside existing layers instead of adding more layers i.e nested layers.... giving rise to the Capsule Networks!
  • Neural Networks: Innumerable Architectures, One Fundamental Idea - 04 Oct 2017
    At the end of this post, you’ll be able to implement a neural network to identify handwritten digits using the MNIST dataset and have a rough time idea about how to build your own neural networks.
  • Gold Blog, Aug 2017A New Beginning to Deep Learning - 17 Aug 2017
    I won't give you the clichéd line that it's never too late because that's not the point. It is actually because, a term that I loved as soon as I came across it- 'The AI Winter' - doesn't seem to ever be going to return again.