Microarray Data Analysis Solutions

commercial | free or open source

  • BioMine (Gene Network Sciences), DNA microarray analysis package, with flexible data import, normalization, several clustering algorithms, and more.
  • GeneSight™ (Biodiscovery), user-friendly data analysis and data mining tool specifically designed for microarray data
  • GeneSifter.net, web-based microarray data analysis, integrating statistics, biology, and ontology information.
  • GeneSpring™ (Silicon Genetics), analytical workbench that enables scientists to visualize, organize and manipulate gene expression data
  • Koadarray software for automated analysis and quantification of microarray images.
  • MATLAB Bioinformatics Toolbox, provides access to genomic and proteomic data, analysis, and visualizations for sequences and microarrays.
  • Rosetta Resolver® Gene Expression Analysis System, includes tools and features for high-powered analysis, visualization and storage of gene expression data.

Free or Open Source