Stock Analysis and Prediction Solutions

  • Alyuda NeuroSignal XL, neural network Excel add-in for stock predictions and trading systems testing.
  • BioComp Profit Neural Network, reports 150-200% returns trading the S&P500/E-Mini.
  • DeepInsight, combines neural expert system with math models. Advises on real-time trading, optimizes trading strategies, predicts next 5 days stocks changes, and more.
  • Fotetah Inc., a predictive analytics firm that provides daily analysis of the stock market returns (free to active investors).
  • IntellectSpace Corporation, provider of risk and opportunity identification solutions for financial institutions through data mining, knowledge extraction, analytics, and visualization.
  • NASDAQ Data Store, provides access to market data.
  • Oxford Capital Strategies, develops systematic strategies for futures, equities, ETFs, and cash markets and provides tools for financial forecasting.
  • ScienceGL StockMap3D, advanced scientific visualization in financial market analysis.
  • Social Market Analytics, extracts signal from Twitter noise and uses Twitter sentiment for trading.
  • Stock-Forecasting software, helping traders make decisions to buy a favorite stock or sell it at the right moment and for the maximum profit.