CRN 50 Big Data Business Analytics Companies

We examine CRN top 50 Big Data Business Analytics companies. They are younger (average age is 10), and 44% are founded since 2010.

By Grant Marshall, June 2014.

The CRN 50 Big Data Analytics companies includes companies that help businesses leverage their big data resources and produce tools that make use of those resources.

Compared to the companies in the other Big Data 100 lists, the 50 business analytics have the lowest average age (10) and the oldest company on the list, SAP, was founded as recently as 1972.

This data seems to show that business analytics is a more recently developing field than the other categories. This is backed up by the fact that 44% of the companies in this list were founded in this decade! Based on this data, business analytics appears to be one of the most accessible fields to break into with respect to big data.

Here is a word cloud with the most common words, which shows that CA (California), San Francisco, MA (Massachusetts) are most common locations. CRn Top 50 Business Analytics Companies, Word cloud

Here are CRN 50 Big Data business analytics companies:

  1. 1010data offers cloud-based software for complex business analytics and data sharing for Big Data, and is popular among retailers, financial services companies and gaming industry. New York, NY. Founded 2010.
  2. Alpine Data Labs offers an advanced, Hadoop-based data analytics platform. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2010.
  3. Alteryx's software is used to blend structured and unstructured data from a range of sources into one database, conduct predictive, spatial and statistical analysis tasks, and then share the results. Irvine, CA. Founded 2010.
  4. Attivio is a major player in the area of "unified information access," integrating structured and unstructured information from such sources as ERP and CRM systems, emails, content management systems and social media networks, making that information "accessible, meaningful and actionable." Newton, MA. Founded 2007.
  5. Ayasdi's Insight Discovery Platform, which utilizes "topological data analysis" technology combined with machine learning techniques, provides insights derived from data that help organizations solve complex problems without writing code or queries. Palo Alto, CA. Founded 2008.
  6. Birst offers a Software-as-a-Service business intelligence platform with visual analytics and an automated data warehouse system. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2004.
  7. Chartio develops cloud-based data visualization software that businesses use to combine data sets and create charts and dashboards for analysis -- all without the need to develop an on-premise data warehouse. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2010.
  8. Cirro develops a next-generation data federation platform that makes it possible for nontechnical users to query and explore structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and perform complex analytical tasks. Aliso Viejo, CA. Founded 2010.
  9. ClearStory Data's Data Intelligence software is designed to make it easier to access internal and external data sources, including corporate databases, Hadoop and the Internet, and use that data to uncover trends and patterns. Palo Alto, CA. Founded 2011.
  10. Continuum Analytics released Anaconda 1.9, the latest version of its collection of libraries for big data management analysis and cross-platform visualization for business intelligence, scientific, engineering and machine learning tasks. Austin, TX. Founded 2011.
  11. DataGravity's website says the company's mission is "turning data into information" and "make storage an active asset for SMBs." Nashua, NH. Founded 2012.
  12. DataHero develops software that analyzes data and automatically creates visualizations -- charts and graphs -- from the information without the need for the user to tackle complex coding. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2011.
  13. Datameer develops software that helps business users of Hadoop integrate, analyze and visualize large volumes of data. San Mateo, CA. Founded 2009.
  14. DataSift develops a social data platform that businesses use to monitor social media such as Twitter, aggregate and filter data from public social conversations, and extract insights from that data. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2010.
  15. Datawatch develops visual data discovery applications for creating data visualizations in real time from structured, semi-structured and Hadoop-based data. Chelmsford, MA. Founded 1985.
  16. Digital Reasoning's Synthesys machine learning platform collects structured and unstructured data and analyzes it, using entity extraction and semantic relationship analysis techniques, to identify risks, threats and opportunities. Franklin, TN. Founded 2000.
  17. Domo offers a cloud-based executive management platform the company said gives users access to information scattered across myriad sources through a single dashboard. American Fork, UT. Founded 2011.
  18. Gainsight develops predictive analytics software that's integrated with's CRM applications and helps users scrutinize customer data for customer retention and identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Mountain View, CA. Founded 2009.
  19. Glassbeam develops Software-as-a-Service applications for product analytics based on machine log data, putting it in a key position in business intelligence in the nascent-but-growing Internet of Things market. Sunnyvale, CA. Founded 2009.
  20. GoodData launched the cloud-based GoodData Open Analytics Platform, the company's next-generation data governance and discovery Platform-as-a-Service for storing, combining, analyzing and visualizing information. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2007.
  21. Google jumped into the business intelligence arena with its BigQuery online analytics service that lets businesses analyze huge datasets. Mountain View, CA. Founded 1998.
  22. Guavus develops the Guavus Reflex Platform data analytics system and a suite of operational intelligence applications for making business process decisions. San Mateo, CA. Founded 2006.
  23. Information Builder is a longtime player in the business intelligence arena with its business analytics products, including its flagship WebFocus software, and its integration and data integrity software. New York, NY, USA. Founded 1975.
  24. JasperSoft develops simple-to-use business intelligence applications, including business analytics and reporting, production reporting, cloud analytics, big data analytics and mobile BI. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2001.
  25. Jut remains in stealth mode as it develops software for capturing and analyzing big data. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2013.
  26. Kognitio develops an in-memory analytical software platform that supports OLAP and analytical applications on large volumes of complex data. Bracknell, UK. Founded 1987.
  27. LucidWorks develops LucidWorks Search, the company's flagship product, is an enterprise-grade search development platform based on Apache Lucene/Solr technology. Redwood City, CA. Founded 2007.
  28. Metric Insights pitches its "push intelligence" technology as an antidote to business intelligence reports and dashboards that the company said makes users hunt for information. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2010.
  29. MicroStrategy's MicroStrategy Analytics Platform analyzes huge volumes of data and delivers reports and dashboards to users throughout an organization. Tysons Corner, VA. Founded 1989.
  30. Numerify collects and analyzes operational and financial data about an organization's IT systems that managers use to monitor system performance and make decisions about IT assets and capacity. Cupertino, CA. Founded 2012.
  31. Palantir Technologies develops bleeding-edge software that organizations use to analyze massive volumes of disparate data. Palo Alto, CA. Founded 2004.
  32. Panorama Software calls itself "a leader in business intelligence 3.0" with its Panorama Necto software that lets users visually analyze information in a self-service environment. Toronto, Canada. Founded 1993.
  33. Paradigm4 is another of the current crop of startups that's finding ways to apply leading-edge technology to the problem of analyzing massive volumes of data for complex problems in financial services, life sciences and other data-intensive industries. Waltham, MA. Founded 2010.
  34. ParStream develops a distributed, massively parallel processing columnar database that's designed to analyze and filter billions of records in sub-second time. Cologne, Germany. Founded 2008.
  35. Pentaho offers a business analytics platform that includes reporting, ad hoc discovery and predictive analytics capabilities coupled with data integration technology. Orlando, FL. Founded 2004.
  36. Platfora offers a big data analytics toolset that's native to the Hadoop platform, allowing users to directly analyze data in Hadoop without the need to build a separate data warehouse system. San Mateo, CA. Founded 2011.
  37. QlikTech targets a broad range of business users for its popular QlikView business intelligence platform that combines analytics, visualization and search capabilities. Radnor, PA. Founded 1993.
  38. Revolution Analytics markets a big data analytics platform that's based on the open-source "R" statistical programming language and software development environment. Mountain View, CA. Founded 2007.
  39. Rubikloud Technologies developed a cloud-based, real-time data analytics platform for processing, analyzing and searching continuous streams of data. Toronto, Canada. Founded 2013.
  40. SAP's big data software portfolio includes that core business intelligence platform (although the Business Objects name seems to be on the way out), the Lumira visualization tool, and predictive analytics software from last year's acquisition of KXEN. Walldorf, Germany. Founded 1972.
  41. SAS Institute could be considered the original business intelligence software company. Cary, NC. Founded 1976.
  42. Seeq is developing software and services that help businesses derive insights from industrial process data, such as information collected from sensors and instrument systems, to aid with operational continuous improvement. Seattle, WA. Founded 2013.
  43. SiSense offers business intelligence and dashboard applications for analyzing and visualizing data collected from multiple sources. Tel Aviv, Israel. Founded 2010.
  44. Splunk develops operational intelligence software for monitoring, reporting and analyzing real-time machine data as well as historical data stored on-premise or in the cloud. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2003.
  45. Sqrrl was started quietly, but the company got a lot of attention in the past year given that its founders came from the National Security Agency and helped develop that organization's massive database. Cambridge, MA. Founded 2012.
  46. Sumo Logic brings big data analytics to IT management, calling itself "the next-generation machine data analytics company." Mountain View, CA. Founded 2010.
  47. Tableau Software has become one of the most visible of the new generation of business intelligence software thanks to its successful initial public offering last year. Seattle, WA. Founded 2003.
  48. Tibco Software is a broad-based software vendor with products for event processing, application integration and cloud management. Palo Alto, CA. Founded 1997.
  49. Via Science "applies big math" to solve complex analytics problems, according to the Cambridge, Mass.-based company. Cambridge, MA. Founded 2000.
  50. Zoomdata develops software that allows users to connect, visualize and interact with data through browsers and mobile devices. Reston, VA. Founded 2012.

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