XLMiner solves Big Data Problems in Excel

XLMiner, a part of Analytic Solver Platform integrated software for predictive and prescriptive analytics - forecasting, data mining, optimization and simulation, lets you solve small or Big Data problems in Excel.

By Robert Vidra, XLMiner, June 2014.

Almost every business analyst can use Excel, and it often plays a role in an analytics project. But can you actually do all the advanced analytics for a big company's problems in Excel? This might surprise you, but analysts in over 7,000 companies know the answer is Yes! For years, they've been solving large-scale industrial problems with big payoffs, using our Excel-based and SDK tools.

You might have heard of Frontline Systems as developers of the Excel Solver and our Premium Solver upgrades. But for 7 years, our Risk Solver products have given analysts the power to solve problems involving risk analysis, decision analysis, and resource allocation under uncertainty in Excel -- using state of the art, parallelized Monte Carlo, simulation optimization, stochastic programming and robust optimization methods. This week, we're introducing a new, powerful XLMiner Platform product, which rivals the best-known statistical software for performance and accuracy on large datasets.

Analytic Solver Platform

But Excel can't handle the data, right? Wrong -- with Power Pivot, the SQL Server Analysis Services engine in memory with Excel, it's routine to bring in 100 million rows, joining tables from enterprise and public databases, and let XLMiner draw a sample for training its wide range of data mining algorithms.

And with Power Query in Excel -- the ETL tool based on SQL Server Integration Services -- plus XLMiner's data cleaning and transformation tools, you'll be surprised at how much easier the "data wrangling" task can be.

But you can't use Excel to share up-to-date models and data visualizations online, right? Wrong -- with Microsoft Power BI, it's as simple as File Save As... to publish your Excel workbook, with its own cached Power Pivot database and Power View visualizations -- in Office 365 and Excel Online.  And with Power BI's data refresh plus our Solver App and Premium Solver App, you can update and re-optimize decision models via your Web browser.

XLMiner Platform is part of Analytic Solver Platform, our integrated software for predictive and prescriptive analytics -- forecasting, data mining, optimization and simulation in Excel. And that makes it part of a bigger story: How Excel 2013 and Office 365, with Microsoft Power BI and our Analytic Solver Platform, have emerged as a surprisingly powerful "complete stack" for business intelligence and advanced analytics, with easy deployment on the Web. Click to learn more.