Miner3D Data Visualization System Version 8

The new software features a redesigned user interface, making it a perfect complement for Excel. New graphics visualization engine is now faster and smoother.

By Dusan Toman, Miner3D

Miner3D, a leader in 3D data visualization systems, releases version 8 of its flagship product.

The new software is available now and features a redesigned user interface, making it a perfect couple with Excel or other popular Windows data storage or analysis programs. Further improvements can be seen in the graphics visualization engine, which is now faster and smoother.

Miner3d V8 Screenshot

Miner3D is reasonably priced and is also available as a free 30-day trial.

Miner3D includes Enterprise, Professional, and Basic versions.


PURE™ User Experience

Miner3D ONE™ uses a collection of new user interface controls and actions designed for easy, intuitive and efficient data analysis on touch screen and mobile devices. There are no menus, no dialogs, no annoying texts, and no useless window borders.

The whole control is at the tip of your finger, exactly where you would expect it.

Got no touch screen? No problem!

Miner3D ONE™ is equally easy to use with mouse and is working perfectly also on Windows 7, Vista and XP.