Create or machine-learn fuzzy logic rules for use with an on-line inference engine

New DocAndys SaaS service supports user-created embeddable Fuzzy Logic Expert Systems. Use rule language Darl to hand-create or machine-learn rule sets from data and use them via REST interfaces.

Docandy256Dr Andy's IP LLC ( announces a new SaaS service that supports user-created embeddable Fuzzy Logic Expert Systems.

Making use of our new rule language, DARL, users can hand-create or machine-learn rule sets from data on-line that can be used via REST interfaces.

Darl is unique in that well-tried Supervised, Reinforcement and Unsupervised learning algorithms exist that create Darl code directly as a result of the training process. The rule-sets created are readily readable and annotated with learning statistics as comments.
The Darl language itself is extremely simple, but modular and composable. It is possible to mix hand-coded and machine-learned code in the same solution and maintain each independently.

Rule sets can be automatically converted to questionnaires using our own incremental inference technology which reverse-engineers rule sets to find the most salient input variables, and presents those first to the user.
A full suite of on-line editors are provided for the Darl source, questionnaire text and formatting.

Our REST interfaces are media-agnostic, meaning you can create conversations, eliciting user input and inferring from the same, over web sites, apps, tweets, instant messages, texts or emails.
A wide variety of technologies and platforms are supported by code examples and down-loadable apps, especially Microsoft API Apps and Logic Apps.

On-line documentation and tutorials are provided, and for deeper insights we have a new book available to download or read in print called DARL - AI Online: Build a Fuzzy Logic Expert System

Usage of the site and creation of rule sets is free for low volume traffic and charged per use for higher volumes.

Contact and follow us on Twitter @doctorandys and our FaceBook page.

Darl® is a trademark of Dr Andy's IP.