TalkingData Data Science Competition: understand mobile users

Unique opportunity to solve complex real world big data challenges for the China mobile market - predict users demographic characteristics based on their app usage, geolocation, and mobile device properties.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 11, 2016 -- TalkingData, the leading Big Data and analytics company in China, is launching

Global Data 300Global Data Science Competition beginning on July 11, 2016 and ending September 5, 2016.

The event will being held on Kaggle and is working in partnership with Turi (formerly GraphLab), the leading machine learning platform. Participants have an opportunity to win cash prizes in a pool totaling $25,000 for the top three teams.

"This is going to be a groundbreaking attempt due to the relatively isolated Internet environment in China," said TalkingData CEO Leo Cui."For the international contestants, this is also a unique chance to examine complex Chinese mobile device data, which is a rare opportunity outside of the country."

The final results are judged by Kaggle scores and a professional jury. The winners will be announced by TalkingData at the T11 Global Big Data Summit on September 13, 2016.

Competition highlights:
  • Win Big Cash Prizes: The top teams with the best algorithms can walk away with $12,500 (1st place) $7,500 (2nd place) and $5,000 (3rd place) in cash.
  • Access Real, China Mobile Data: This is a great opportunity for the data science community to get to know China's mobile market. This competition will help demystify one of the world's most vibrant economies.
  • Solve Real-World Business Problems: The challenge is based on real business situations that TalkingData has encountered. With improved accuracies, age and gender prediction algorithms will have significant business value in situations such as customer targeting.
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About TalkingData
TalkingData is China's largest, independent Big Data service platform that focuses on the mobile app marketplace. TalkingData provides best-in-class Big Data products and services, such as mobile app analytics, mobile ad tracking, mobile game analytics, mobile market intelligence, DMP (Data Management Platform), and industry consulting.

Today, 80% of the Top 50 app developers in China utilize TalkingData to track their app metrics, analyze user data points, and optimize monetization. Industry giants such as China Merchants Bank, CiticBank, Ping An Group also rely on TalkingData's enterprise Big Data solution to build their core data infrastructure towards a new mobile era.

About Turi
Turi is the company behind GraphLab Create and Turi Predictive Services, the fastest and most complete platforms for building intelligent applications using machine learning technology. Turi is recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Data Science, 2016 and its products are used by Fortune 500 companies for fraud detection, recommendation engines, lead scoring and other predictive capabilities.