Best Masters in Data Science and Analytics – Asia and Australia Edition

The fourth edition of our comprehensive, unbiased survey on graduate degrees in Data Science and Analytics from around the world.

We continue our study on master's level programs and degrees in Data Science, Big Data, and analytics around the world. For this week's edition we are focused on Asia, Australia, and Pacific. In this list, we include full-time graduate coursework, just as in our to previous entries for US/Canada and Europe.

The cost listed is for the full tuition and does not include additional fees and other expenses; the currency is USD. We have made a strong effort to include programs for all budgets, interests, locations, and curriculum. Feel free to share any additional program you think might improve the diversity of this compilation.


  • University of Melbourne's Master of Data Science. This newly-established program combines these disciplines in a single coordinated program. Students will develop the technological abilities and analytical skills needed to manage and gain insights from large and complex collections of data. You will additionally become well-versed in using statistical tools, techniques and methods, along with in-depth analysis and evaluation, to solve real-world problems in the data realm. (24-month program, $59,857 full tuition)
  • University of South New Wales' Master of Information Technology (Data Science Stream). This program is suitable for graduates with a background in Science or Engineering who wish to acquire a solid knowledge of computing and information technology over 2 years. (24-month program, $31,786 full tuition)
  • The University of Sydney's Master of Data Science. This is a professional degree for people who are passionate about drawing meaningful knowledge from data to drive business decision-making or research output. It will develop your analytical and technical skills to use data science to guide strategic decisions in your area of expertise. It also offers the flexibility to tailor learning to your professional and personal interests. (12-month program, $25,410 Citizens, $31,570 Internationals full tuition)
  • Western Sydney University's Master of Data Science. With a strong applications focus, this course covers the nature of data including Big and Unstructured Data, how to embark on data driven investigations and visual and computational analytics. Our graduates have the knowledge and skills required to operate effectively in a data driven world. (24-month program, $45,464 full tuition)
  • Deakin University's Master of Data Analytics. Throughout your studies you’ll learn to understand the various origins of data to be used for analysis, combined with methods to manage, organise and manipulate data within regulatory, ethical and security constraints. You’ll develop specialised skills in categorising and transferring raw data into meaningful information for the benefit of prediction and robust decision-making. (18-24 month program, $35,718 - $47,624 full tuition)
  • University of Southern Queensland's Master of Science in Applied Data Science. This specialisation is designed to provide an opportunity for graduates from all disciplines to gain advanced skills and knowledge in handling data which are commonly known as Big Data, as well as producing and interpreting data analytics. The aim of this program is to provide students with a career path in the Data Science or an opportunity for advancement in their career. (24-month program, )
  • The University of Adelaide's Master of Data Science. This program provides the necessary skills for entering the world of big data and data science, an emerging area of necessity for many fields, including science, engineering, economics and digital humanities. The program will help students understand how data is changing our world, and how learners can apply data science techniques to drive changes in their organisation or area. (24-month program, $25,005 Domestic, $30,150 International, full tuition)
  • University of South Australia's Master of Data Science. This program gives you current knowledge of data science techniques and research. It caters for students with a mathematics or an IT background, with courses tailored for both. You will learn to analyze and visualise rich data sources, how to spot data trends, and to generate data management strategies. The coursework has been designed with industry including the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia and the leader in business analytics software – SAS. (24-month program, $47,486 full tuition)
  • Monash University's Master of Data Science. The Master of Data Science (MDS) teaches you how to explore data and discover its potential – how to find innovative solutions to real problems in science, business and government, from technology start-ups to global organisations. With a degree in science, engineering, arts or computing, you can pursue a Master of Data Science, gaining skills in data management, data analytics and data processing – skills needed in this fast-growing field. (12, 18 or 24-month depending on prior qualifications. $28,868 per year, International)


  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong's M.Sc. in Data Science and Business Statistics. The programme serves a wide range of audiences. It will be suitable for executives who need to interpret statistical results to define policies; for professionals from both the private and public sectors who are obliged to collect and analyse data; and for educators and practitioners in education and public health agencies who appreciate the effective use of data as a crucial element for enhancing the quality of society. (24-month program, $15,372 full tuition)
  • The University of Hong Kong's Master of Data Science. The curriculum is designed to provide graduates with training in the principles and practice of data science.  Candidates should have knowledge of calculus and algebra, computer programming and introductory statistics and should have taken at least one university or post-secondary certificate course in each of these three subjects or related areas. (18-month program, $5,473 Domestic, $18,980 International full tuition)

It is important to note that this list is limited and there are many other degrees and programs. If you would like to see a more complete list of certificates and other degree levels in India, please visit this link.

  • Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad's Executive M.Tech. in Data Science. The program is self-paced so that candidates can have flexibility in completing the program in 2-4 years. It can be taken at IITH campus or remotely through video-enabled online courses. Nonetheless, periodic visits to IITH, possibly on weekends, may be required. (24-month program, $6,505 full tuition)
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala's M.Sc. in Computer Science, Data Analytics Specialization. The program focuses on a broad grasp of foundations in Computer Science, deep understanding of the area of specialization, an innovative ability to solve new problems, and a capacity to learn continually and interact with trans-disciplinary groups. The post graduate programme in data analytics is intended to offer the foundations of data analytics, data mining and knowledge discovery methods and their application to practical problems. (24-month program, $1,860 full tuition)
  • Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute's M.Sc. in Big Data Analytics. The program is a collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services Limited. In this program, the students shall learn the fundamentals of data modelling and migration, manipulation, cleansing and so on. They will lean business functions and analytics in various domains from Finance to Retail to Pharma etc. The fourth and last semester will be a full time internship in the area of Big Data Analytics at a reputed organization. (24-month program, $370 full tuition)
  • Aegis + IBM's MS in Data Science, Business Analytics & Big Data. This program provides you intensive hands-on training to develop the necessary and unique set of skills required for successful career in the fastest growing and intellectually stimulating fields of Data Science, Big Data, Business Analytics, Predictive Analytics, NLP, ML and Cognitive Computing. (11-month program, $10,642 full tuition)
  • Indian Institute of Science's M.Tech. in Computational and Data Science. Computational Science and Data Science are inter‐disciplinary areas that bring together the domain‐specific knowledge of science and engineering with relevant areas of computing systems and formal foundations. (24-month program, $279 full tuition)
  • St. Xavier's College - Ahmedabad's M.Sc. in Big Data Analytics. The objective of this course is to contribute to overall development of the student community in order to enhance quality and consistency of talent supply by channelizing practical industry knowledge to the classroom. The course has gained a great admiration and reverence from academia, students and various stake holders across locations in the country. (24-month program, $2,478 full tuition)


  • Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation's M.Sc. in Data Science and Business Analytics. This program aims to develop analytical and investigative knowledge and skills using data science tools and techniques, and to enhance data science knowledge and critical interpretation skills. Students will understand the impact of data science upon modern processes and businesses, be able to identify, and implement specific tools, practices, features and techniques to enhance the analysis of data. (12-month program, $8,482 Domestic, $10,394 International, full tuition)
  • University of Malaya's Master of Data Science. The Master of Data Science program provides opportunities for degree holders in both science and non-science streams to learn the foundations in the science of big data and to offer them skills in this emerging discipline. This program allows students who wish to strengthen their career prospects in data science to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills to analyse, visualize and transform vast quantities of data in differents fields into valuable insights. (24-month program, $3,946 Domestic $7,460 International)

New Zealand

  • The University of Aukland's Master of Professional Studies in Data Science. The new specialisation for the MProfStuds draws together courses from Computer Science, Statistics and Information Systems to address a need for professionals with a specific skill set. The qualification enables graduates to be readily identifiable as holding the skills to participate in the field and to contribute to its advancement. (12-month program, $6,055 domestic, $24,871 International, full tuition)
  • University of Otago's Master of Business Data Science. The program's primary focus is to equip you to become a practitioner, allowing you to meet the needs of industry, and solve the data problems of the world. However, there will also be an alternative path that will focus on preparing students for research in the area (e.g. going on to do a masters by research or PhD). (12-month program, $30,998 full tuition)


  • Hamad Bin Khalifa University's Master of Science in Data Science. This program aims to provide students with a strong foundation in data engineering, Big Data science, and data analysis. The program integrates the knowledge, expertise, and educational assets of HBKU and its research institutes in data collection, management and analytics, and scalable data-driven knowledge discovery, as well as the fundamental concepts behind these techniques. (24-month program, $20,408 full tuition)


  • National University of Singapore's M.Sc. in Business Analytics. This is an intensive program that can be studied both on a full-time or a part-time basis. The program is aimed at recent graduates and industry practitioners specializing in engineering, computing, science, mathematics, statistics, business or economics. (24-month program, $31,244 Domestic, $37,493 International full tuition)
  • Nanyang Technological University Singapore's Master of Science in Analytics. The aim of this proposed program is to provide graduate students with robust training in analytics skills. The programme is interdisciplinary and will involve faculty from the School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences, School of Computer Engineering, and Nanyang Business School. (12-month program, $24,050 Domestic, $38,850 International full tuition)
  • Singapore Management University's Master of IT in Business. The definitive program will give you an unparalleled edge with the knowledge of data, processes, technologies and management strategies. With three unique specialization tracks to choose from (Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Financial Technology & Analytics), you will be be poised to lead the industry in a time of transformation. (12-24 month program, $71,040 full two-year tuition)

South Korea

  • Seoul National University's Master of Science in Data Science.  This program will provide students with analytical skills and data-driven strategic thinking on the basis of big data. By completing this program, students are expected to become (1) an analytical expert equipped with systematic problem solving skills, (2) a business specialist with the ability of data-driven decision making, and (3) a practical professional with experience implementing state-of-the-art big data technologies in diverse business models through internship opportunities at leading companies. (12-month program, $3,500 full tuition)


  • Istanbul Sehir University's M.Sc. in Data Science. This program aims to fill the data science skills gap by educating the data scientists of tomorrow and raising qualified individuals. With courses ranging from big data analysis, data engineering, and machine learning to artificial intelligence, deep learning and network analysis, our graduate program is unique positioned to provide students with highly desirable employability skills. (24-month program, $8,000 full tuition)
  • Sabanci University's M.Sc. in Data Analytics. This program is designed to help our participants develop the skill set needed for creating and maintaining the added competitive edge that innovative companies are trying to establish. The curriculum will help you develop skills required for data-driven decision-making. (12-month program, $12,000 full tuition)
  • Ted University's Master in Applied Data Science. Due to its interdisciplinary character, the lectures of the program are carried out jointly with the departments of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Engineering, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering and Economics. The students who want to gain experience and knowledge in application fields will be able to make research in specific application based graduate level subjects. (24-month program,  $15,570 full tuition)

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