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These 3 books will help you make the most from graph-powered databases. For a limited time, get 50% off any of them with the code kdngraph.

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Manning Machine Learning books 50 percent off

In the real world, data is rarely as simple as rows and columns. Instead the pattern of data is more like a web, with numerous links, connections, and relationships between different data points. As machine learning engineers, how can we model this complex interconnectivity to improve our machine learning applications? This is where graph-based machine learning shines.

Graph-based machine learning is an incredibly powerful tool for any task that involves pattern matching in large data sets. By organizing and analyzing your data as graphs, your applications work more fluidly to spot connections and identify relationships. This can be the trick you need to seriously upgrade the performance of common machine learning tasks like search results optimisation, recommendation engines, or social networking.

Manning Publications has three books that will help you find out just how to make the most out of graph-powered databases. Even better, for a limited time, you can get half off any of them with the code kdngraph at! Here’s a quick look at each of them.

Graph-Powered Machine Learning teaches you how to use graph-based algorithms and strategies to develop superior machine learning applications. Three end-to-end applications based on the author's actual work with real clients brings the topic to life!

In Graph Databases in Action, you’ll learn how to choose the right database solutions for your tasks, and how to use your new knowledge to build agile, flexible, and high-performing graph-powered applications!

Deep Learning for Search brings everything together and teaches you how to leverage neural networks, NLP, and deep learning techniques to help you improve search performance and give your customers the right result every time.

Whether you’re looking to simply help your customers find better search results, or just want to have more skills in your toolkit, any of these three books are the perfect way to go about it.

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