Silver BlogNew Poll: Which Data Science Skills You Have and Which Ones You Want? Vote Now

Take part in the latest KDnuggets poll, and share your insights with the community. Which Data Science skills do you currently possess, and which are you looking forward to add or improve upon? Vote now!

This poll is closed - here are the results:

Modern Data Science Skills: 8 Categories, Core Skills, and Hot Skills

We analyze the results of the Data Science Skills poll, including 8 categories of skills, 13 core skills that over 50% of respondents have, the emerging/hot skills that data scientists want to learn, and what is the top skill that Data Scientists want to learn.

The new KDnuggets Poll asks two related questions:

1. Which skills / knowledge areas do you currently have (at the level you can use in work or research)?

2. Which skills do you want to add or improve?


The skills are collected into several related subsections, and readers are asked to indicate which skills they already possess and which skills they want to add or improve. Note that you may both currently possess a skill and want to improve it.

You can read last year's poll analysis here.