KDD-2020 (virtual), the leading conference on Data Science and Knowledge Discovery, Aug 23-27 – register now

Using an interactive VR platform, KDD-2020 brings you the latest research in AI, Data Science, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning with tutorials to improve your skills, keynotes from top experts, workshops on state-of-the-art topics and over 200 research presentations.

Kdd 2020 Virtual

ACM Knowledge Discovery in Data (KDD) starts August 23, 2020. Using a brand new interactive virtual reality platform, KDD this year brings you a program that includes dozens of workshops and hands-on tutorials. This year's program highlights include:

  • 217 Research and 44 ADS Paper presentations in sessions including deep learning, data mining, healthcare AI, and recommender systems.
  • Keynote speeches by Yolanda Gil; Manuela Veloso; Dr. Emery Brown; and Alessandro Vespignani, leading the COVID-19 modeling response.
  • Three theme days including Deep Learning Day, Earth Day and the groundbreaking AI for COVID Health Day program
  • The all-new Diversity & Inclusion track featuring 17 important and timely talks and a Mentoring Panel
  • 15 informative and innovative talks by industry leaders in our Applied Data Science Invited speaker series

Advance your skills with 31 Lecture-Style Tutorials in our Sunday, August 23 pre conference day including:
  • Interpreting and Explaining Deep Neural Networks: A Perspective on Time Series Data
  • Causal Inference Meets Machine Learning
  • Fairness in Machine Learning for Healthcare

Learn the latest state-of-the-art ideas and methods in 35 Workshops in our Monday, August 24 pre conference day, incluing:
  • 17 Hands-On Tutorials throughout the conference, given by the top companies in the industry including:
  • Building Recommender Systems with PyTorch (Facebook)
  • Put Deep Learning to work: Accelerate Deep Learning through AWS EC2 and ML Services (Amazon/AWS)
  • Neural Structured Learning: Training neural networks with structured signals (Google)
  • Accelerating and Expanding End-to-End Data Science Workflows with DL/ML Interoperability Using RAPIDS (NVIDIA)
  • DeepSpeed: System optimizations enable training deep learning models with over 100 billion parameter
  • Deep Learning for Search and Recommender Systems in Practice (LinkedIn Corporation)

The conference registration provides exclusive online and real-time access to talks, speakers and a community to make friends in our interactive virtual lounges and meeting booths.

KDD has extended our early pricing all the way through the conference this year. It's been a challenging year for many, and we want to include everyone who would like to attend this important event.

If you have been affected by the pandemic and would like to attend KDD 2020, we have financial support available to cover your registration. Please reach out to our registration team to apply for a need-based scholarship at registration@kdd.org.

For the best possible experience at our inaugural Virtual KDD, we ask that you register by the end of the day on August 20. Late registrations will be accepted, but may cause a short delay in access to all the amazing KDD content!

The conference program goes live on Sunday, August 23 and accessible throughout the world through carefully curated hosting and sessions arranged for participation across different time zones. Come and hangout with fellow KDD community members in our interactive spaces...