Gold BlogTop Online Masters in Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Science – Updated

We provide an updated list of best online Masters in AI, Analytics, and Data Science, including rankings, tuition, and duration of the education program.

The current pandemic has profoundly changed many things, but the demand for AI and Data Science education has not decreased. What has changed is that move to online education has accelerated.

Many more universities now offer online degrees, including in AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning, so we have limited this directory mostly to universities that have Top Universities CS Rankings. Many thanks to Asel Mendis for collecting most of the data used in this blog.

We published a similar list in 2017 and in 2019.

Here is our 2020 directory of the best online Master Degree programs for AI, Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning.

CS Rank is Top Universities Computer and Information Systems graduate programs rank. They provide individual ranking for the top 50 schools, and then ranges (51-100, 101-150, etc) for the next 450 schools.

Fig. 1 below shows the ranking vs tuition for schools with rank < 500. Where ranking is a range, we took the midpoint of that range. Ms Analytics Data Science Online 2020

Fig. 1: Top online MS in Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Science.
Only schools with Top Universities CS Ranking < 500 are shown.
The shape/color correspond to the type of degree: blue circle for Analytics, green square for business, and purple triangle for Data Science. Shape size corresponds to the length of education.

Some observations:

  • Almost all schools in this list are from US, except for DSTI (France), Imperial College (UK), Liverpool (UK), UCD (Ireland), and Queens University (Canada).
  • While we don't have all data for 2019 tuition, we saw many schools increase the tuition in 2020. This trend cannot continue for long.
  • We don't see much correlation between the school ranking and tuition.
    Some programs in Business Analytics are very expensive (Rice is $121,000), while Georgia Tech is only $9,900. Given the ease and many choices of getting good education online, it is doubtful that many schools outside of the very top few will be able to continue to charge such high tuition for online education.

The most popular degree name was "Data Science", used in more than half
of the surveyed schools, followed by Data Analytics (17%), and Business Analytics (9%).
Here is the frequency of the degree names (after removing MS, MSc, Masters, etc):

  • Data Science, 35
  • Data Analytics, 11
  • Business Analytics, 6
  • Analytics, 2
  • Analytics and Data Science, 2
  • Artificial Intelligence, 1
  • CS and Quantitative Methods, 1
  • Data Science & AI, 1
  • Management Analytics, 1
  • Management Information Systems, 1
  • MS Statistics (Data Science), 1
  • Professional Studies in Informatics, 1
  • Strategic Analytics, 1

The table below gives the details for 64 top online MS programs.
In some cases, when the CS Top Universities ranking was not available,
we gave the Top Universities global ranking for the entire university.

Table 1: Top online MS in Analytics, Business Analytics, Data Science.

CS Rank 2020 University, Degree Description Months Tuition in USD
3 CMU Tepper MS in Business Analytics MSBA is geared to individuals with technical backgrounds who want to deepen their analytical skills and move into senior business analyst positions. 18-24 m 66820
4 UC Berkeley Master of Information and Data Science The Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) delivered online prepares data science professionals to be leaders in the field. By blending a multidisciplinary curriculum, experienced faculty, an accomplished network of peers, and the flexibility of online learning, the accredited datascience@berkeley program brings UC Berkeley to you, wherever you are. 20 73224
7 Harvard University Master in Data Science This degree lets you develop an in-depth understanding of data science methods in predictive modeling, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data visualization, and big data. 12 35000
14 Imperial College London MSc Business Analytics You will learn how to apply the latest academic thinking and analytical and computing tools to help make business decisions. Although grounded in rigorous technical and quantitative training, our programme is also highly applied. Electives and projects are sector-focussed, giving you the opportunity to tailor the programme to your interests. 12 months on campus, 22 months online 38500
14 Imperial College London MSc Statistics (Data Science) The modules will focus on a wide variety of tools and techniques related to the scientific handling of data at scale, including machine learning theory, data transformation and representation, data visualisation and using analytic software. 12 19000
27 Georgia Institute of Technology MS in Analytics With Georgia Tech's Online Master of Science in Analytics (OMS Analytics), you can build and strengthen your expertise to make yourself more valuable to a host of companies. Our interdisciplinary approach gives you the opportunity to learn from some of the most knowledgeable experts in the fields of business intelligence, statistics, and operations research, as well as big data and high-performance computing. 12-24 9900
33 University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign Master of Computer Science in Data Science This program of study that leads to the MCS degree using courses that focus on data science and requires 32 credit hours of graduate coursework, completed through eight graduate-level courses each at the four credit hour level. The MCS-DS includes required coursework in machine learning, data mining, data visualization and cloud computing. 12-18 21440
44 University of Southern California MS in Applied Data Science Our students are immersed in the overall field of data analytics, the role of the analyst and/or data scientist, and the domains where informatics skills can be applied to critical organization missions. They understand how data management, data visualization, data mining, and artificial intelligence techniques (specifically machine learning) are critical to the analysis process and how these can be applied to real-world challenges. 18-24 70471
48 University of Michigan Master of Applied Data Science The Master of Applied Data Science (MADS) program will equip you with thorough preparation for managing data science from beginning to end in any number of real world contexts. It blends theory, computation, and application in a flexible online format. The MADS program includes study and application in data collection, processing, analysis, visualization, reporting, and intervention. It will enable you to learn how to draw conclusions and inform decisions with data, while being attuned to ethical considerations of data use. 12 31688
75 Boston University MS in Applied Data Analytics Ideal for mid-career IT professionals or students with a computer science background who seek to train their focus on analytics, the program provides solid knowledge of data analytics and examines the presentation and applications of the latest industry tools and approaches within an academically rigorous framework. 16-24 56864
75 Johns Hopkins University MS in Data Science The rigorous curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics, while incorporating real-world examples. With options to study online and on-site in state-of-the-art facilities at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, students learn from practicing engineers and data scientists. 12-24 45950
75 Purdue MS Business Analytics ideal for working professionals seeking to capitalize on the exploding demands for technical and analytical expertise. 12-24 32064
125 Pennsylvania State University World Campus Master of Professional Studies in Data Analytics Delivered through a strong partnership between three academic departments from across the University, the program offers you the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and unique perspectives of faculty who have diverse backgrounds. With their broad spectrum of experiences, our faculty can teach you to collect, classify, analyze, and model data at large and ultra-large scales and across domains, using statistics, computer science, machine learning, and software engineering. 12-24 31380
175 Northeastern University Master of Professional Studies in Informatics This program prepares students to be successful for IT applications and management positions through a balanced curriculum that combines information science knowledge and technical skills training with an understanding of business fundamentals and strategic thinking regarding IT innovation. By connecting computing skills and applications to real-world challenges of information strategy, data governance, ethics and business intelligence, students earn competency in the areas of information technology management, system design and development, information security, human-computer interaction, data analytics, cloud computing and web services, and enterprise architecture. 18 39500
175 Northwestern University MS in Data Science MSDS students gain critical skills for succeeding in today's data-intensive world. They learn how to utilize relational and document database systems and analytics software built upon open-source systems such as R, Python, and TensorFlow. They learn how to make trustworthy predictions using traditional statistics and machine learning methods. 12-24 56100
175 Ohio University Master of Business Analytics This online Master of Business Analytics program goes beyond conventional tools and methods. It imparts the advanced analytical skills you need to dig deeper into organizational data and use it to make key business decisions. 16-20 months 35820
175 Queen's University Global Master of Management Analytics For global professionals seeking to master the essential strategies for applying analytics to business needs. Understand not only how to use data effectively, but how to structure and manage complex projects and lead high-performance teams. 12 61200
175 Rice University Master of Business Analytics With Rice Business, you will build the foundation you need to conduct business effectively, and then learn to think and work across teams so you can maximize output from every department within your organization. 24 121,000
175 Rutgers U. MS in Analytics and Data Science The Master's of Business and Science degree in Analytics prepares students for data-driven decision making. It brings together the fields of computer science, statistics, machine learning, data mining and big data. Students will obtain a variety of skills including the ability to analyze large datasets, the ability to develop modeling solutions to support decision making and a thorough understanding of how data analysis drives business decision making. 18-24 35000
175 Texas A&M U. MS in Analytics The mission of the MS Analytics program is to transform working professionals into leaders that can collaboratively solve business problems using modern techniques in analytics 24 65000
175 UCD Dublin MSc and Professional Diploma in Data Analytics This course will help you analyse and understand the large data sets that are regularly being created via the huge growth in freely available online information. This is an exceedingly valuable skill and in strong demand from employers. 36 months 14437
175 University of Virginia MS in Data Science The new online Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) from the University of Virginia School of Data Science expands the accessibility of our cutting-edge curriculum beyond Charlottesville. The application of data science across nearly every industry is one of the most important undertakings of the 21st century. We are thrilled to welcome a new group of diverse students from across the region, country, and globe. 24 41728
225 Arizona State University MS In Business Analytics If you want to be on the forefront of big data, the masters in business analytics online will teach you how to manipulate, dissect and analyze data at rest. You'll take a deep dive into big data and data analytics while learning how to leverage data for business-critical solutions. 16 36500
225 Indiana University MS in Data Science This program was developed to provide convenience and flexibility to mid-career professionals. You'll gain deep, specialized knowledge on the topic of your choosing in a format that's accessible and intuitive. 12-18 14000
225 University of Notre Dame MS in Data Science Notre Dame's Online Master's in Data Science program is offered by the Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics & Statistics (ACMS) with the participation of faculty from the Mendoza College of Business, the Office of Information Technologies, and the Hesburgh Libraries 21 52000
275 George Mason University MS Data Analytics Engineering The Data Analytics Engineering (DAEN) Master of Science Program is a multidisciplinary program in the George Mason University Volgenau School of Engineering. This program provides students with knowledge and experience across a broad range of data analytics algorithms, tools, and processes, and focuses on a flexible and broad set of courses to be used by graduates for solving a wide range of real-world problems. 12-24 24000
115 global DePaul University MS in Data Science Our online learning program replicates the classroom experience with 100 percent access to software, faculty advisors, career services, and a large network of alumni. Discover how you can manage and analyze complex data, develop data science models to support decision making, and effectively communicate analytical results to a non-technical audience. 12-24 44980
325 U. of Liverpool MSc Artificial Intelligence This programme will give you the skills needed to develop, design and evaluate intelligent systems for a wide range of purposes 30 23895
375 Illinois Institute of Technology Master of Data Science Students in the Master of Data Science program dive deeply into the underlying premises of given problems, learn to reformulate the questions, and determine if the results make sense. They do this by exploring and improving the structure of the available data, creating and evaluating models, and by constructing and testing hypotheses. They learn how to analyze the data, visualize the results and equally important, how to articulate their discoveries. 12-24 53262
375 Syracuse University MS in Applied Data Science The MS in Applied Data Science interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on four key learning competencies: capture and organization, technical analysis, visualization and communication, and practical application. Each competency gives students an opportunity to develop a portfolio of resources and demonstrations while growing their specialization in one or more areas of interest. 12-24 64152
223 Global Colorado State University Global MS in Data Analytics Students prepare to be organizational leaders through the use of business intelligence and data analytics. As a Master of Science in Data Analytics (MSDA) student at CSU Global, you build confidence for improved decision-making skills related to processes in a variety of core business functions -- accounting, finance, logistics, management, and strategy. 12-18 19500
425 Iowa State U. Master of Business Analytics The Master of Business Analytics is an interdisciplinary graduate program for employed professionals that addresses the challenges of dealing with data analytics and business intelligence in the "Big Data" environment. It was developed to meet the needs of today's businesses and organizations facing intense global competition and constant technological disruptions. 21 25000
525 Drexel University MS in Data Science Drexel's online data science master's is a compilation of computer science and information systems. Throughout your courses, you'll learn to manipulate and summarize data; dig deeper into data and text mining; determine trends; and craft your findings into a story that can be clearly communicated to your organization. 12 60390
525 U. of California Riverside MS in Data Science The online Master of Science in Engineering with a specialization in Data Science can teach you to distill valuable insights from sizable amounts of data. Coursework is designed to allow graduates to develop efficient techniques to identify, analyze and visualize hidden patterns within data groups to extract critical information. 13 29988
575 University of Missouri MS in data science and analytics The online master's degree in data science and analytics from MU will provide you with the knowledge, tools and experiences to turn big data into smart data. If you want to help companies in any industry solve their complex data problems, this may be the degree for you. 12-18 37878
575 Oregon State University MS Data Analytics In Oregon State University's online Master of Science in Data Analytics program, you'll explore real data problems that are interesting and challenging as you equip yourself with the quantitative tools needed to gather, analyze and interpret data on a massive scale. 12-18 25200
575 Texas Tech University MS in Data Science Our one-year Master's in Data Science is STEM designated. Students will learn how to use advanced technologies, manipulate big data, and utilize statistical methods to interpret data. With these skills, students will obtain the business skills necessary to translate their understanding to organizational strategies. 12 25064
446 global Brandeis University MS in Strategic Analytics Consistently ranked as a top national university by U.S. News and World Report, Brandeis has a long history of educating change makers. Our cutting edge, 100% online curriculum for professionals is carefully designed with equal focus in both the art and science of data. Through our Strategic Analytics MS program, you will master the technical and strategic skills necessary to transform data analysis into insightful, data-backed stories to influence key decision makers. 12-24 35350
725 global Worcester Polytechnic Institute MS in Data Science Our convenient online format is not the only benefit; we offer paths of study in Data Science that are tailored to your aspirations. In addition to the core courses that teach data-science essentials, you'll choose from a variety of electives that will prepare you for a future in data science. 12-24 53130
775 global Oklahoma State U. MS in Business Analytics and Data Science a 37 credit hours STEM program that offers students practical data analysis experience by applying knowledge acquired in classrooms to solving real-world business problems, using software such as Alteryx, Colab, PowerBI, Python, R, SAS, Tableau, and others. 36 months (part-time) 11880
na Austin Peay State University MS in Computer Science and Quantitative Methods Similar to an online data science degree, the program at Austin Peay State University blends computer science, mathematics, and business analytics to help inform business and organizational decisions 12-18 17000
na Bay Path U. MS in Applied Data Science Bay Path's Applied Data Science program leads students through statistical topics from maximum likelihood, hypothesis testing, and survey sampling, to re-sampling methods, time series analysis, and Bayesian analysis, to various regression methods, and eventually to a detailed treatment of machine learning methods such as support vector machines, tree-based methods, neural networks, graphical models, EM algorithms and ensemble learning. 12-24 m 29340
na Bellevue University MS in Data Science Bellevue University's online Master of Science in Data Science degree is designed to prepare you to be in the driver's seat to curate, analyze, and make relevant discoveries from large data sets. You'll learn the tools, methodologies, and systems needed to solve complex problems in almost any field. No data science or computing experience is required but it would be helpful to have some background in math, computing, and statistics. 12-18 17850
na Cabrini University MS in Data Science In this fully online degree program, students gain essential skills that prepare them for data-focused careers such as Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Mining Analyst, IT Project Manager, and Database Administrator. 24 months 25380
na Colorado Technical University MS in Computer Science - Data Science The Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) degree program includes core courses which are designed to provide relevant and advanced instruction in a set of Computer Science's most important subjects such as computer algorithm, operating system, database, security, and networking, as well as software engineering. 12-24 29280
na CUNY School of Professional Studies MS in Data Science The program's learning objectives and demanding, hands-on courses are designed around employer needs. Throughout their time in the program, students build portfolios of increasingly complex projects using popular programming languages such as R and Python, which mirror the current experience and demands of the IT workplace. Students build predictive and prescriptive models, practice giving presentations, and review each other's work in a convenient online setting, ensuring that they are equipped with the expertise most valued in today's marketplace. 12-18 16635
na Davenport University MS in Data Analytics prepares both students already familiar with data analytics and those new to the field to be proficient in data mining, data visualization and communication and predictive analysis. You will also master modern data warehousing and cloud computing - among other highly sought-after skills - and become proficient in industry-standard software like SQL, R Programming, IBM SPSS Statistics, IBM SPSS Modeler, Tableau, RStudio and more. 12-18 26460
na University of Denver MS in Data Science The online MS in Data Science curriculum comprises of 15 courses that provide students with knowledge and skills in critical competencies such as programming, data mining, machine learning, database management, and data visualization. 18-24 64080
na Data Science Tech Institute (DSTI) Applied MSc in Data Science & AI It will enable you to get a deep understanding of the main scientific grounds for artificial intelligence techniques, centred on modelling and then implementing rather than surveying data science APIs & frameworks. This Applied MSc programme is “depth-first” in applied mathematics and their implementation, led by Professors from the "French School of Mathematics". 12 8700 euro
na Data Science Tech Institute (DSTI) Applied MSc in Data Analytics It will enable you to increase your business skills and job opportunities by strengthening decision-making through data analysis. In this Applied MSc, you will master the techniques and tools needed to conduct and deliver your analyses with relevant and structured reports, improving the return on investment of your company’s projects. 12 5700 euro
na Data Science Tech Institute (DSTI) Applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI It will give you a profound insight into Big Data & IT aspects, as well as Data Science. The programme will provide you the essentials to pursue a successful career, such as computer science and mathematical understanding, including real-world projects. 12 8700 euro
na Elmhurst College MS in Data Science We take a comprehensive approach, integrating analytics and machine learning with business. This innovative curriculum gives you technical prowess in statistics, analytical methods and programming tools, while powering up your vital business skills. The result: a comprehensive foundation of knowledge so you can harness the information that mystifies others, creating real business value in any professional setting. 24 26550
na Lewis University MS in Data Science The online Data Science master's program provides you with skills in data mining, data visualization, predictive analysis and data management. Lewis University's online Master of Science in Data Science degree is designed to provide you with a heightened mathematical and computer science skill set to address the issues surrounding the analysis of big data. 12-18 31590
na University of Maryland Global Campus MS in data analytics The Master of Science in data analytics program at University of Maryland Global Campus is designed to meet the rising need for highly skilled professionals who can transform the growing amount of institutional data into valuable assets. You'll gain hands-on experience with a variety of analytical tools and learn how to manage and manipulate data, create data visualizations, and make strategic data-driven recommendations to influence business outcomes. 12 17280
na Maryville University MS in Data Science We built our program with input from top employers who utilize data science across industries, so our curriculum focuses on the most in-demand skills in the modern data science toolbox, like computer programming in a variety of languages, machine learning, predictive modeling, and big data analytics. 12-18 27540
na Merrimack College MS in Data Science Offered through a collaboration between the School of Engineering and the School of Business, this data science degree combines the engineering skills needed to function as a data scientist with the business acumen needed to translate data sets into insights stakeholders can use to make business decisions. 12-16 30464
na Northcentral University MS in Data Science Our Master of Science in Data Science program is designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of this emerging, interdisciplinary field. Students will gain a broad knowledge base that includes the data lifecycle and how to process large amounts of unstructured data into useable datasets that organizations can utilize. 23 31970
na Oklahoma State University MS in Management Information Systems The MIS program does not require prospective students to have a background or a degree in business. The 33-34 hour program includes a 22-hour common core of courses (21-hour core for part-time students) and an elective/option area to allow students to focus on their area of interest in MIS. All courses are available through the online learning option unless otherwise noted. 12-18 17127
na Regis University MS in Data Science From insurance, to banking, to healthcare, nearly every industry has recognized the value of data and the people who can analyze and interpret it. A master's degree in Data Science will prepare you for in-demand career opportunities in fields like predictive analytics, statistics, data visualization and data engineering. 12-18 34200
na Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) MS in Data Science encourages students to work with faculty experts in the field of data science, analytics, and infrastructure who provide hands-on experience solving real problems. The curriculum includes opportunities for students to choose elective courses to pursue a variety of career paths within the broad field of data science and its various application areas. The program prepares students-regardless of their scientific, engineering, or business background-to pursue a career in data science. 24 35730
na Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN MS in Data Science In our Master of Science in Data Science program, a Professional Science Master's (PSM) program, you'll develop into a professional practitioner with deep analytical skills. Become a well-rounded individual who has deep knowledge in data science coupled with the ability to communicate effectively and manage projects. 24 29700
na Southern Methodist University (SMU) MS in Data Science Designed for current and aspiring data science professionals looking to gain the advanced skills needed to manage, analyze, mine and understand complex data to make strategic decisions in their organizations. 20-28 57084
na Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) MS in Data Analytics lets you dive deep into this area of study, honing one of the most coveted skill sets in today's workforce. You'll learn how to use advanced statistical techniques and tools in data and information management to collect and analyze large data sets. You'll also learn how to apply your computational, analytical and modeling skills to provide decision support to key stakeholders. 15 22572
na University of San Diego MS in Applied Data Science The master of applied data science program has been developed by data science experts in close collaboration with key industry and government stakeholders to provide in-depth practical and technical training designed to position graduates for career success in this vitally important and fast-growing field. 12-24 33300
na University of Wisconsin MS in Data Science This data science master's program will teach you how to harness the power of big data using the latest tools and analytical methods. An innovative Virtual Lab lets you remotely access software tools and programming languages such as R, Python, SQL Server, and Tableau, saving you the cost, time, and hassle of purchasing and installing these applications on your own computer. 12-18 30600
na Utica College MS in Data Science Utica's 30-credit online master's in data science program will prepare you to consider data within an organizational and societal context in order to influence strategy and policy-making across a variety of organizations and industries. 24 24900
na Walsh College MS in Data Analytics gives you the knowledge and skills to evaluate, interpret, and translate information to solve complex business problems and help organizations implement strategic, data-driven solutions. For students without a technical background, the MSDA includes intros to databases, programming, and networking. 18-24 25500 - 31450
na Western Governors University (WGU) MS Data Analytics With your M.S. Data Analytics degree, you'll be a data mining, management, mapping, and munging expert, allowing you to increase your earning potential and maximize opportunities for career advancement. 18-24 m 10620

We hope that this listing is useful, and if we missed something, please add in comments.