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Asel Mendis is a GIS Analyst, Data Science Editor and Writer who continues to learn and uses Statistics, Machine Learning and technology to create insights and value. He is a Contributing Editor at KDnuggets, the largest Data Science knowledge sharing platform in the world. He has interests in Machine Learning, Data Visualization and Statistics using R and Python. He has a Master of Analytics from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne specializing in Applied Statistics. Follow him on Twitter (@aselmendis) or connect with him on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/asel-mendis-a620399b/).

Asel Mendis Posts (20)

  • Gold Blog7 Resources to Becoming a Data Engineer - 07 Jan 2020
    An estimated 8,650% growth of the volume of Data to 175 zetabytes from 2010 to 2025 has created an enormous need for Data Engineers to build an organization's big data platform to be fast, efficient and scalable.
  • Alternative Cloud Hosted Data Science Environments - 19 Dec 2019
    Over the years new alternative providers have risen to provided a solitary data science environment hosted on the cloud for data scientist to analyze, host and share their work.
  • Silver BlogPlotnine: Python Alternative to ggplot2 - 12 Dec 2019
    Python's plotting libraries such as matplotlib and seaborn does allow the user to create elegant graphics as well, but lack of a standardized syntax for implementing the grammar of graphics compared to the simple, readable and layering approach of ggplot2 in R makes it more difficult to implement in Python.
  • Gold BlogOpen Source Projects by Google, Uber and Facebook for Data Science and AI - 28 Nov 2019
    Open source is becoming the standard for sharing and improving technology. Some of the largest organizations in the world namely: Google, Facebook and Uber are open sourcing their own technologies that they use in their workflow to the public.
  • Gold BlogPython, Selenium & Google for Geocoding Automation: Free and Paid - 21 Nov 2019
    This tutorial will take you through two options that have automated the geocoding process for the user using Python, Selenium and Google Geocoding API.
  • Bye Data Scientists, Hello AI? Not Likely! - 22 Oct 2019
    AI is becoming more mainstream. The fact that computers/robots will learn after being built and will surpass a human's intelligence is terrifying.
  • Gold Blog5 Famous Deep Learning Courses/Schools of 2019 - 24 Sep 2019
    Deep Learning is/has become the hottest skill in Data Science at the moment. There is a plethora of articles, courses, technologies, influencers and resources that we can leverage to gain the Deep Learning skills.
  • How Bad is Multicollinearity? - 17 Sep 2019
    For some people anything below 60% is acceptable and for certain others, even a correlation of 30% to 40% is considered too high because it one variable may just end up exaggerating the performance of the model or completely messing up parameter estimates.
  • Silver BlogTypes of Bias in Machine Learning - 29 Aug 2019
    The sample data used for training has to be as close a representation of the real scenario as possible. There are many factors that can bias a sample from the beginning and those reasons differ from each domain (i.e. business, security, medical, education etc.)
  • Silver BlogStatistical Modelling vs Machine Learning - 14 Aug 2019
    At times it may seem Machine Learning can be done these days without a sound statistical background but those people are not really understanding the different nuances. Code written to make it easier does not negate the need for an in-depth understanding of the problem.

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