Gold BlogWhat will the demand for Data Scientists be in 10 years? Will Data Scientists be extinct?

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A recent article by Mikhail Mew, Data Scientists Will be Extinct in 10 Years, argues that the role of the data scientist, as we know it, will disappear in roughly a decade. In its place, we will find "data savvy business specialists and subject matter experts who are able to imbue analysis with their deep domain knowledge, irrespective of whether they can code or not."

Ahmar Shah, in his article Data Science is Not Becoming Extinct in 10 Years, takes an opposing view, expressing his frustration in statements endorsing the imminent implosion of the field of data science. "If there is one field where you have the best chance of truly retiring in, it is data science," he states, unequivocally.

This got us thinking — again — about the future of data science and data scientists, noting that the above are just two example opinions, a variety of which exist on this topic. We want to know what our readers think about the future of the data scientist demand.

Here are the results of this KDnuggets Poll:

Relax! Data Scientists will not go extinct in 10 years, but the role will change



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