KDnuggets Top Blogs Rewards Program Resumes in December

After a pause, we will be resuming KDnuggets Top Blog Rewards Program, starting with blogs published on KDnuggets in December. The program will be bigger, with $3,000 (USD) divided among top 8 most viewed guest blogs. Original blogs rewarded at the rate of 3X of reposts. Submit your original blog to KDnuggets first !

After a pause in November to re-evaluate the program, I am pleased to announce that
KDnuggets Top Blog Rewards KDnuggets Top Blog Rewards Program will relaunch and be larger and better!

For each month, starting in December 2021, we will determine 8 most viewed blogs published on KDnuggets that month (excluding blogs by KDnuggets Editors and promotional blogs), and will distribute $3,000 (USD) among the authors of these top blogs. If the blog has multiple authors, we will send the payment to the first author and they will share it with their co-authors as appropriate.

To encourage more original (previously unpublished) submissions, they will be rewarded at the rate 3x larger than those of reposts. See details here.

Past Winners


To submit a blog to KDnuggets, please follow the submission guidelines.

An original submission first published on KDnuggets may be reposted elsewhere two weeks after KDnuggets publication, provided there is a link to KDnuggets blog and text "Originally published on KDnuggets".

How the winners are selected

The top blogs for the reward program will be determined by the number of Google Analytics Unique Page Views (UPV) the blog gets in the first 21 days starting with the day of the publication.

This approach gives equal consideration to blogs published at the beginning, the middle, and the end of each month. For almost all blogs, we see that blog views drop significantly after 14 days, so using 21 days interval will allow us to recognize the top blogs each month and also reward the authors before the end of the next month.

While we appreciate and publish the reposts, the goal of this program is to get more great original publications.

To encourage more original (unpublished) publications, we will multiply the original blog UPV by 1.2 and multiply the repost blog UPV by 0.4. Thus an original blog will earn 3 times (!!!) more than a repost with the same number of UPV. We then add all multiplied UPV, and distribute the total reward amount ($3,000) proportionately.