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KDnuggets Top Blogs Reward Program

To encourage more high-quality and especially original contributions to KDnuggets, we announce KDnuggets Top Blogs Reward program, where we will pay the authors of top blogs published each month, starting with blogs published in May 2021.

To encourage more high-quality and especially original (unpublished) contributions to KDnuggets, we announce KDnuggets Top Blogs Reward program.

KDnuggets Top Blog Rewards
We usually publish only 3 blogs per weekday, or about 60-66 guest blogs per month.

For each month, starting in May 2021 and ending in October 2021, we will determine 6 most viewed blogs published on KDnuggets that month (excluding blogs by KDnuggets Editors Matthew Mayo and Gregory Piatetsky), and will distribute $2,000 (USD) among the authors of these top blogs. This program will take a pause at the end of October to reassess the best way to increase high-quality original contributions.

Past Winners


To submit a blog to KDnuggets, please follow the submission guidelines.

An original submission first published on KDnuggets may be reposted elsewhere two weeks after KDnuggets publication, provided there is a link to KDnuggets blog and text "Originally published on KDnuggets".

How the winners are selected

The top blogs for the reward program will be determined by the number of Google Analytics Unique Page Views (UPV) the blog gets in the first 21 days starting with the day of the publication.

This approach gives equal consideration to blogs published at the beginning, the middle, and the end of each month. For almost all blogs, we see that blog views drop significantly after 14 days, so using 21 days interval will allow us to recognize the top blogs each month and also reward the authors before the end of the next month.

While we appreciate and publish the reposts, the goal of this program is to get more great original publications.

To encourage more original (unpublished) publications, we will multiply the original blog UPV by 1.2 and multiply the repost blog UPV by 0.4. Thus an original blog will earn 3 times (!!!) more than a repost with the same number of UPV. We then add all multiplied UPV, and distribute the total reward amount ($2,000) proportionately.

See an example below.

Blog UPV 21d X X×UPV % of Sum6 Payment
Blog 1 (repost) 92,598 0.4 37,039 16% $318.37
Blog 2 (original) 69,863 1.2 83,836 36% $720.61
Blog 3 (repost) 73,200 0.4 29,280 13% $251.68
Blog 4 (original) 49,163 1.2 58,996 25% $507.10
Blog 5 (repost) 33,469 0.4 13,388 5.8% $115.07
Blog 6 (repost) 25,352 0.4 10,141 4.4% $87.17
Sum6 =
sum of X×UPV
= 232,679 total


Payment Details

Once the winners are selected, we will notify the author and ask how they want to receive the reward.
The payments can be made via Paypal, Wise (former Transferwise), Zelle, or even by check for US residents.

If the author declines the monetary reward, or does not respond within 14 days, the amount will roll over to the next month rewards.

If a blog has multiple authors, we will send the payment to the first author and it will be their responsibility to distribute it.


We reserve the right to disqualify a blog if we find suspicious efforts to boost UPV artificially.

This will be a trial program for 3 months and we will evaluate it at the end of July 2021 and see how well it works.

We will continue to publish top stories for the month and award badges based on a snapshot of UPV taken on the same day about 10-14 days after the month ends, but will use a more fair approach described above to determine the monetary rewards.

If you have any questions, email me to editor1 at kdnuggets dot com or post your question below.

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