Qdrant: Open-Source Vector Search Engine with Managed Cloud Platform

Qdrant open-source vector similarity search engine is now available in the cloud. The cloud platform for Qdrant offers business users cost-efficient, fully managed service in addition to powerful features of their open-source vector search database.

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Qdrant: Open-Source Vector Search Engine with Managed Cloud Platform
Qdrant, an open-source top-performing vector search engine, offers developer-friendly, convenient API for storing, managing, and searching high-dimensional vectors. It aims to transform embeddings or neural network encoders into applications connected to recommendation systems, image retrieval, natural language processing, and image or text classification.

Written in Rust, Qdrant provides fast and reliable performance for vector similarity search needs. During two years of development, it was fitted with high scalability, advanced filtering support, and more useful features. 


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Top performing vector search database proved by benchmarks

Qdrant team has benchmarked several open-source vector search engines and databases using different configurations on three datasets with varying vector dimensionality and distance functions. The benchmarks take into account the impact of different configuration parameters for both the engine and the search operation, as well as the effect of the number of search threads on performance.

According to the benchmark, Qdrant is one of the fastest engines in terms of indexing time, building internal search structures much faster than their competitors. Qdrant consistently achieves the highest RPS (requests per second) and lowest latencies in most scenarios, regardless of the precision threshold and metric used.

Read this for more detailed calculations and a link to open source benchmark repo.


Managed Cloud Platform

Recently Qdrant was released in its major 1.0 version and is now the fast and efficient vector search engine available in the cloud for enterprise business use. The managed cloud platform provides companies with the benefits of advanced vector similarity search capabilities while eliminating deployment and maintenance overhead.

It ensures high availability and performance for users, as well as expert support to help resolve any issues that may arise. Additionally, a free tier is available for users to try the service and see if it fits their needs before committing to a paid plan.

Registration is available at this link.