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CMR: Junior Data Scientist

Hiring graduate students for 1-year Junior Data Scientist positions, for developing new concepts and tools in 1) On line Social Networks, 2) Internet of Things/Services, or 3) Big and open data analytics.

Consorzio Milano RicercheAt: Consorzio Milano Ricerche
Location: Milan, Italy

Consorzio Milano Ricerche (CMR) is hiring graduate students (1 one year contract) for Junior Data Scientist positions. CMR is a no-profit organisation working through cooperative projects linking universities, research centres, industrial companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The candidate will be responsible for developing new concepts, tools and technologies in one or more of the following areas:

  • On line Social Networks (OSNs). On line Social Networks (OSNs) such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ have irrupted in the society in the last few years becoming one of the most successful services within the Internet.
  • Internet of Things and Internet of Services. The Internet of Things is one of the research topics in the Information and Communication Technology that will have a disruptive impact on our daily life in the future.
  • Big and open data analytics: Thanks to cheap storage, massive processing power, and tools like Hadoop, organizations are now able to mine terabytes of information and derive useful business intelligence from it.

Responsibilities: under the supervision of a senior researcher, the candidate will:

  • Identify, acquire, synthesize, mine and analyse relevant data.
  • Identify emerging trends and patterns in big data collections through highly scalable and efficient analytical approaches
  • Identify the relationships among multiple sources and types of data, and organizing this information to facilitate effective data analysis.
  • Design and implement data, information and knowledge management systems
  • Generate reports and recommendations based on the analysis to provide decision support functionalities
  • Perform the day to day activities of projects including interaction with end users and other partners
  • Design, develop and validate the aforementioned point in multiple application domain


  • Master degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Stats, Physics, Math (Bachelor degrees could also be candidates with specific skills and or experiences)
  • Good programming skills in Java language
  • Good knowledge of Databases are a plus

At CMR, the candidate will:

  • Be inserted in a research group
  • Work in a creative, fast-paced environment with some really cool and brilliant people
  • Be in a motivated team that gets a lot done

Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit their CV, cover letter and references to

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