Arjun Arora

Arjun Arora has helped multiple large enterprises (in retail, tech, and manufacturing) become more data-driven by identifying business urgency and leading technical execution of analytics and machine learning solutions and POCs. Additionally, he has helped increase the adoption of AI/ ML solutions within the industry through various training workshops, webinars, and presenting at national conferences. Outside of work, he is committed to learning about personal growth, supports various DEI & LGBTQ+ community initiatives, and is an avid hiker in the Bay Area!

  • 4 Career Lessons That Helped Me Navigate the Difficult Job Market
    In this blog, I share 4 valuable lessons I learned while searching for data science roles amidst challenging circumstances, including 60-day immigration policies, layoffs, and health issues. My hope is to offer insights and guidance to those who are facing similar obstacles, whether due to recent layoffs or immigration challenges.