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Kevin Vu manages Exxact Corp blog and works with many of its talented authors who write about different aspects of Deep Learning.

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  • Primary Supervised Learning Algorithms Used in Machine Learning - 17 Jun 2022
    In this tutorial, we are going to list some of the most common algorithms that are used in supervised learning along with a practical tutorial on such algorithms.
  • How to Start Using Natural Language Processing With PyTorch - 13 Apr 2022
    In this guide, we will address some of the obvious questions that may arise when starting to dive into natural language processing, but we will also engage with deeper questions and give you the right steps to get started working on your own NLP programs.
  • How to Create a Dataset for Machine Learning - 28 Feb 2022
    Datasets - properly curated and labeled - remain a scarce resource. What can be done about this?
  • 5 Ways To Use AI For Supply Chain Management - 02 Feb 2022
    Using AI to help optimize supply chain management is becoming more prevalent across industries. Early adopters are more resilient and prepared for the inevitable future of artificial intelligence within the supply chain management industry.
  • Federated Learning: Collaborative Machine Learning with a Tutorial on How to Get Started - 21 Dec 2021
    Read on to learn more about the intricacies of federated learning and what it can do for machine learning on sensitive data.
  • What Are NVIDIA NGC Containers & How to Get Started Using Them - 15 Nov 2021
    NVIDIA, the pioneer in the GPU technologies and deep learning revolution, has come up with an excellent catalog of specialized containers that they call NGC Collections. In this article, we explore their basic usage and some variations.
  • 7 Top Open Source Datasets to Train Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Text Models - 08 Nov 2021
    With a lot of excitement and research around NLP, there are growing opportunities to apply these technologies to real-world scenarios. It's not trivial to become familiar with NLP and these open-source data sets can help you increase your skills.
  • Advanced PyTorch Lightning with TorchMetrics and Lightning Flash - 01 Nov 2021
    In this tutorial we will be diving deeper into two additional tools you should be using: TorchMetrics and Lightning Flash. TorchMetrics unsurprisingly provides a modular approach to define and track useful metrics across batches and devices, while Lightning Flash offers a suite of functionality facilitating more efficient transfer learning and data handling, and a recipe book of state-of-the-art approaches to typical deep learning problems.
  • Getting Started with PyTorch Lightning - 26 Oct 2021
    As a library designed for production research, PyTorch Lightning streamlines hardware support and distributed training as well, and we’ll show how easy it is to move training to a GPU toward the end.
  • AutoML: An Introduction Using Auto-Sklearn and Auto-PyTorch - 11 Oct 2021
    AutoML is a broad category of techniques and tools for applying automated search to your automated search and learning to your learning. In addition to Auto-Sklearn, the Freiburg-Hannover AutoML group has also developed an Auto-PyTorch library. We’ll use both of these as our entry point into AutoML in the following simple tutorial.