Nava Levy

Nava Levy is a Developer Advocate for Data Science and MLOps at Redis. She started her career in tech with an R&D Unit in the IDF and later had the good fortune to work with and champion Cloud, Big Data, and DL/ML/AI technologies just as the wave of each of these was starting. Nava is also a mentor at the MassChallenge accelerator and the founder of LerGO—a cloud-based EdTech venture. In her free time she enjoys cycling, 4-ball juggling, and reading fantasy and sci-fi books.

  • Feature Stores for Real-time AI & Machine Learning
    Real-time AI/ML is on the rise and feature stores are key to successfully deploying them. Read on to see how the choice of online store and the feature store architecture play important roles in determining its performance and cost.

  • Running Redis on Google Colab
    Open source Redis is being increasingly used in Machine Learning, but running it on Colab is different compared to on your local machine or with Docker. Read on for a 2-step tutorial on how to do it.