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Interns in Big Data, machine learning, data mining


Interns will work in the area of characterizing mobility patterns using cell phone records. Internships lasts 3 months.

Telefonica Research At: Telefonica Research
Location: Madrid, Spain
Web: www.tid.es

Candidates should:

  • Be enrolled in a CS/EE PhD or MSc program.
  • Have expertise in the areas of Big Data, machine learning, data mining and/or data visualization.
  • Be fluent in Java, Python or Perl.
  • Have expertise in Matlab or R.
The internship has a typical duration of three months and can take place at any time during year. The company provides a monthly stipped (depending on experience), medical insurance and a roundtrip airplane ticket.

If you're interested, please email your CV to Enrique Frias-Martinez, efm@tid.es and
Luis Moyano moyano@tid.es indicating "TID intern program"

Telefónica is a world leader in the telecommunication sector, with presence in over 23 countries and over 218 million customer accesses (2007). Services offered by the Telefonica group include mobile & fixed line phone, ISP, IPTV, web portals, and others. Telefónica R&D is the innovation company of the Telefónica Group. Owned 100% by Telefónica, it was formed it 1988, with the aim of strengthening the Group's competitiveness through technological innovation. It is the most important private R&D company in Spain, in terms size, activities, resources, and participation in European Research projects.



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