KDnuggets Cartoons on Big Data, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics

Here is a collection of KDnuggets and other cartoons taking a less serious look at Big Data, Data Mining, and Predictive Analytics.

Here is KDnuggets collection of Cartoons on Big Data, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics

Data Science CartoonData Science Cartoon:
Data Analysis Experts

"Our data analysis experts can't read your minds. You're going to reach your own decision regarding hiring us, even though it's the same decision we knew in advance you'd make"





Big Data Cartoon:
what do to with 100,000 Warehouses?

Here's a list of 100,000 Warehouses full of data. I'd like you to condense them down to one meaningful warehouse.





Data Mining Cartoon: Twitter, Facebook, and PredictionTwitter, Facebook, and Prediction


"Twitter and Facebook can't predict the election, but they did predict what you're going to have for lunch: a tuna salad sandwich.

You're having the wrong sandwich."





Preparing for the Big Data FloodPreparing for the Big Data Flood



That's your Ark for the Big Data Flood?

Noah, you will need a lot more storage space!




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