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KDnuggets Cartoons: The Funny Side Of Big Data

Cartoon: Data Scientist Valentine Day PredictionData Scientist
Valentine Day Prediction

Data Scientist: "Sweetheart, my neural net predicts that you and I are 98.9% compatible. Will you be my Valentine?"


Artificial Intelligence and Watson

Watson: "Go ahead and think that I'm not really thinking.

I thought you would think that.".

Cartoon: Watson Thinking

Thanksgiving, Big Data, and Turkey Data Science

Turkey Data Scientist: "I don't like the look of this.

Searches for gravy and turkey stuffing are going through the roof!"

Cartoon: Turkey Data Science

Next Trend after Big Data

Analyst, looking at "Bog Data" charts:

It's amazing how we have transformed the industry as a result of my typo.

NSA, cat videos, UFO reports, and Pizza connection?

NSA analyst: Our Algorithms have linked funny cat videos, UFO reports, and searches for tofu pizza.

We are now on the alert for a suspicious group of cat aliens who infiltrated our pizza industry.

Mother of All Data

No candy? No flowers? No cards?

Big Data Predicted that 67.53% of you would remember!

IRS and Big Data

You'll be happy to hear that Big Data confirms we can't wring another penny out of you.

Data Scientist Valentine's Day Adjustment

You can't keep adjusting the data to prove that you would be the best Valentine's date for Scarlett Johansson.

Preparing for the Big Data Flood

That's your Ark for the Big Data Flood?

Noah, you will need a lot more storage space!

Twitter, Facebook, and Prediction

Twitter and Facebook can't predict the election, but they did predict what you're going to have for lunch: a tuna salad sandwich.

You're having the wrong sandwich.

Big Data Cartoon:
what do to with 100,000 Warehouses?

Here's a list of 100,000 Warehouses full of data. I'd like you to condense them down to one meaningful warehouse.

Data Science Cartoon

"Our data analysis experts can't read your minds. You're going to reach your own decision regarding hiring us, even though it's the same decision we knew in advance you'd make"

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