KDnuggets Cartoon in an English textbook?

KDnuggets is not only for learning about AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning. A KDnuggets cartoon has been included in an English language and culture textbook for French high-school students.

Hatier Meetup Textbook Since I was a child, I have been a big fan of cartoons and comics and we have many favorite cartoons cut-out and pasted around the house. One of the fun aspects of KDnuggets is creating cartoons on some current Data Science / Machine Learning topics. I send my ideas to a good cartoonist Jon Carter and he makes a drawing.

I am also am a big fan of France and French language, with many visits to France for business, conferences, and tourism. So I was very excited this year when my two passions were combined.

This spring I have received a letter from Hatier, a french publisher, who wanted to use one of KDnuggets Cartoons - When Self-Driving Car + Machine Learning takes you too far ... in their textbook, Let's Meet Up!, Anglais 1re, a English textbook designed to help french high-school readers to learn English via popular culture.

Here is the cartoon as it appears in the textbook.

How far are Americans willing to let AI into their lives?

Hatier Cartoon Self Driving Cartoon text:
Car: "No, I will not take you to A-1 Steakhouse. I recommend you go to the gym first, and then to V8 vegetarian restaurant"

Textbook questions:
  • Explain the cartoonist message
  • Say if you find this cartoon funny and why
  • Imagine the man's response

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