Cartoon: AI and March Madness

AI has mastered chess, Go, and other games, but can AI master March Madness? KDnuggets Cartoon imagines one scenario when this happens.

March Madness, if you are not from US, is a nickname given to NCAA Men's and Women's Basketball Tournaments that take place in March. They are very popular in the US and many people fill a bracket to predict who will win at each stage. Offices typically have a March Madness pool, with the winner getting the prize.

We revisit KDnuggets Cartoon that examines what happens when AI masters the March Madness.

Cartoon: AI Masters March Madness

Data Scientist: "The good news is I used AI to fill in my March Madness Bracket and I won the whole thing.

The bad news is AI has become self-aware and wants the prize money."

This cartoon was ably drawn by Jon Carter.

If you want to try your AI/Machine Learning skills on March Madness, check results and data of Kaggle 2017 Machine Learning Mania and 2016 Machine Learning Mania competition.

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