Data Scientist Valentine’s Day Collection

We review Data Scientist Valentine's Day options with several topical cartoons, including Scarledoopython, Neural net predictions, and dating algorithm adjustments.

Cartoon: Data Scientist gets 3 wishes for Valentine's Day, 2015:

This cartoon imagines what would happen if a Big Data genie would grant a romantic Data Scientist 3 wishes for a Valentine's Day:

Data Scientists gets 3 wishes for Valentine Day

"Meet Scarledoopython - you did ask for Scarlett Johansson, Hadoop, and Python?

Cartoon: Data Scientist Valentine Day Prediction, 2014.

Data Scientist has been called "the sexiest profession of 21st century", but how do they approach Valentine's day?

Here is one scenario:
Data Scientist: "Sweetheart, my neural net predicts that you and I are 98.9% compatible. Will you be my Valentine?"

KDnuggets Cartoon: Data Scientist Valentine Day Prediction

Data Scientist Valentine's Day Adjustment, 2013

You can't keep adjusting the data to prove that you would be the best Valentine's date for Scarlett Johansson.

Data Scientist Valentine's Day Adjustment

What is your favorite data scientist solution for Valentine's Day?

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