New Salford Predictive Modeler 8

Salford Predictive Modeler software suite: Faster. More Comprehensive Machine Learning. More Automation. Better results. Take a giant step forward in your data science productivity with SPM 8. Download and try it today!

Salford SystemsNew Salford Predictive Modeler software suite!

Version 8 just released!

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Salford Predictive Modeler® software suite:  Faster. More Comprehensive Machine Learning. More Automation. Better results. Take a giant step forward in your data science productivity with SPM 8.

  • 70+ pre-packaged automation scenarios inspired by the way leading model analysts structure their work.
  • Tools to relieve gruntwork, allowing the analyst to focus on the creative aspects of model development.
  • Regression, Classification, and Logistic Regression enhanced to support massive datasets.
  • New features for our core tools, based on user feedback and advances in data science.
  • Bridging the gap between the leading edge academic thinking of Jerome Friedman and Leo Breiman and real-world applications.
  • LATEST improvements: Our patented advances in decision tree models, our innovations in gradient boosting, and our extensive automation will all serve to make your analytical work day more productive and stress free. Take a giant step forward with SPM 8.
    • Faster: SPM 8 is more efficient in almost every area and leverages parallel processing on modern multiple core processors.
    • More Data: SPM 8 makes better use of RAM to run larger analytical problems.
    • Easier: SPM 8 builds in more automation, driving quickly to better models.
    • More exploratory tools: SPM 8 includes more exploratory data analysis tools.
    • More machine learning: SPM 8 includes a host of new loss functions for TreeNet Gradient Boosting supporting more accurate models.
    • Uplift Model: SPM 8 includes classical and new tools for differential lift modeling.
    • More Controls: SPM 8 has more options and fine tuning controls for the expert.
    • Better Summaries: SPM 8 has a new common performance summary for easy model comparison.
    • Better Interaction Discovery: SPM 8 includes new GUI dialogs to guide use of the Interaction Control Language (ICL).