Silver BlogData Scientist – best job in America, again

Glassdoor again ranked Data Scientist as the no. 1 job in USA, and 5 of the top 10 US jobs are related to Analytics, Big Data, and Data Science.

The popular job site Glassdoor published a list of 50 Best Jobs in America, and Data Scientist is again the no. 1 job in USA, with Job score 4.8 out of 5, $110,000 Median Base Salary, and 4,000 job openings.

Glassdoor Data Scientist N1 Job 2017
Half of the top 10 jobs are related to Analytics, Big Data, and Data Science !
Rank Title Job Score Job Satisfaction Median Base Salary
1 Data Scientist 4.8 4.4 $110,000
2 DevOps Engineer 4.7 4.2 $110,000
3 Data Engineer 4.7 4.3 $106,000
5 Analytics Manager 4.6 4.1 $112,000
7 Database Administrator 4.5 3.8 $93,000
Compared to Glassdoor 2016 post where Data Scientist was also no. 1 job in USA, we note that the median Salary has declined from $117 to $110, but the number of listed job openings has increased from 1,700 to 4,200.

Indeed job trends also show continuing growth in the demand for Data Scientists:

Indeed Data Scientist Job Trends, 2012-2016

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According to CareerCast recent report, Data Scientist is the most demanded job in 2017. Here are their top 10 jobs for 2017
Profession Annual
Median Salary*
Data Scientist$128,24016%
Financial Advisor$89,16030%
General & Operations Manager$97,7307%
Home Health Aide$21,92038%
Information Security Analyst$90,12018%
Medical Services Manager$94,50017%
Physical Therapist$84,02034%
Registered Nurse$67,49016%
Software Engineer$100,69017%
Truck Driver$40,2605%

To determine the most in-demand professions, evaluates Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data on growth outlook, as well as industry and profession hiring trends over the last decade; trade statistics; university graduate employment data; and the database of listings to determine the factors driving hiring needs.
*Median Annual Salary and Projected Hiring Growth by 2024 are via the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.