Math for Programmers!

Math for Programmers teaches you the math you need to know for a career in programming, concentrating on what you need to know as a developer.

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Manning Orland Math Programmers

Math is an essential tool for programmers, playing an integral role in game development, computer graphics and animation, image and signal processing, pricing engines, and even stock market analysis. When you’ve got expert math skills, you’ve got the tools you need to get stuff done.
Math for Programmers is your guide to solving all sorts of mathematical problems in code.

Written by Paul Orland, the CEO of Silicon Valley startup Tachyus, you’ll learn to enjoy thinking about math like a programmer. With accessible examples, scenarios, and exercises perfect for the working developer, you’ll start by exploring functions and geometry in 2D and 3D. With those basic building blocks behind you, you’ll move into the bread and butter math for machine learning and game programming, including matrices and linear transformations, derivatives and integrals, differential equations, probability, classification algorithms, and more. Don’t worry if it sounds intimidating or, worse yet, boring! Paul’s writing style makes everything come alive so learning these vital concepts is painless, relevant, and fun.

Real-world examples in this practical tutorial include building and rendering 3D models, animations with matrix transformations, manipulating images and sound waves, and building a physics engine for a video game. Along the way, you’ll test yourself with lots of exercises to ensure you’ve got a firm grasp of the concepts. Hands-on mini-projects throughout lock in all you’ve learned. If you’re looking to gain the math skills essential in today’s most popular tech trends, then this is the book you need to own!

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