What they do not tell you about machine learning

There's a lot of excitement out there about machine learning jobs. So, it's always good to start off with a healthy dose of reality and proper expectations.

By Mike West, SQL Server Evangelist.

The truth.

Here's some real-world insight.

  1. Most of my work is data driven. About 90% of it.
  2. Modeling is a small part of my job.
  3. I don't use math at all during my day to day work.
  4. There are no entry level machine learning engineering jobs.
  5. Most applied modeling isn’t deep learning.
  6. Real-world models aren’t built on laptops.
  7. Unless you are a programmer working with data or a skilled data professional you're looking at 5–8 years before you’re in a real-world job.
  8. There are no real-world machine learning engineers that attended boot camps and received jobs.
  9. The top skill for a machine learning engineer is SQL.
  10. Most will never make it past the phone screen.

Good luck to you.

Set some realistic expectations.

Become a voracious learning of all things machine learning.

If you don’t have one, then get a job working with SQL and data. No data skills, no job.

Read this.


Original. Reposted with permission.