Hiring or Looking to Get Hired in Data Science/Analytics? The INFORMS Virtual Career Fair is for You

Hiring or looking to get hired in Data Science / Analytics? The INFORMS Virtual Career Fair, April 13, is for you. Register today!

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Informs 2021 Apr 13 Career


Hiring or Looking to Get Hired in Data Science/Analytics? The INFORMS Virtual Career Fair is for You

The 2020 INFORMS Virtual Career Fair saw hundreds of highly qualified job seekers in data science, analytics, AI/ML, and more, match with leading employers across both industry and academia. This year, INFORMS is looking to repeat – and build upon – the success of last year’s event with our next Virtual Career Fair, hosted alongside the Virtual 2021 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference.


Employers: Expect Top Talent and Diverse Skill Sets

The Virtual Career Fair provides employers with the opportunity to meet with and collect resumes from interested job seekers ranging from seasoned professionals in academia or industry to freshly-minted PhD and master’s students just entering the workforce.

Participation in the INFORMS Virtual Career Fair will raise the visibility of your organization with both Business Analytics Conference participants and registered job seekers. All Career Fair events are widely advertised – not only to job seekers already enrolled in INFORMS Career Center – but also to thousands of professionals attending the meeting.

Top benefits of participation include:

  • The ability to arrange public and private LIVE chats from your own virtual booth
  • Unrestricted access to candidate profile details and basic contact info (before, during, and after the event)
  • Unlimited job postings


Jobseekers: Meet with Organizations Who Value Your Expertise and Skills

Sign up for FREE and create your profile today. Registrants can browse available job openings and meet with individual recruiters through public and private chats. Once you register and upload a resume to your profile, organizations may send messages to your account regarding available openings – even before the Virtual Career Fair opens. Register today so employers can review your qualifications and begin reaching out.

Tips for success:

  • PREPARE FOR THE FAIR: Review participating organizations’ profiles as they are added to the website and formulate questions before joining chat sessions.
  • Review job listings to be informed about positions that interest you.
  • Be aware: Not all employers post positions in the Virtual Career Fair system and may refer you to their websites instead.


Still Charting Your Course? Let INFORMS Be Your Career Guide

Want to learn more about career paths in our industry? We examined job titles, years of experience, and analytic skills to create a framework that defines technical job skills, requirements, and career pathways under the “analytics” umbrella.

Visit the Analytics Career Pathways page and download the report to check out what we found!