Top 2021 Stories: We Don’t Need Data Scientists, We Need Data Engineers; A Guide On How To Become A Data Scientist (Step By Step Approach); How I Tripled My Income With Data Science in 18 Months

Most viewed KDnuggets stories in 2021 focused on Data Scientists vs Data Engineers; How to become a Data Scientist; Increase income with Data Science; Stunning visualizations using python; and more.

2021 was a year of many changes, beginning and ending with COVID, but we also got vaccines and economic recovery (although not for all). Many people continued to work at home, and more of them were reading KDnuggets than ever before, with KDnuggets reaching a record 1,000,000 unique visitors in March.
Here are the most viewed KDnuggets posts published in 2021.

Platinum BlogMost Viewed - Platinum Badge (>100,000 UPV)

  1. We Don't Need Data Scientists, We Need Data Engineers, by Mihail Eric
  2. A Guide On How To Become A Data Scientist (Step By Step Approach), by Aditya Agarwal
  3. How I Tripled My Income With Data Science in 18 Months, by Natassha Selvaraj

Gold BlogMost Viewed - Gold Badge (>70,000 UPV)

  1. How to create stunning visualizations using python from scratch, by Sharan Kumar R
  2. 5 Tasks To Automate With Python, by Dylan Roy
  3. Data Scientists Will be Extinct in 10 Years, by Michael Mew
  4. Are You Still Using Pandas to Process Big Data in 2021? Here are two better options, by Roman Orac
  5. Top 10 Python Libraries Data Scientists should know in 2021, by Terence Shin

Silver BlogMost Viewed - Silver Badge (> 50,000 UPV)

  1. Data Scientists and ML Engineers Are Luxury Employees, by Adrien Biarnes
  2. Telling a Great Data Story: A Visualization Decision Tree, by Stan Pugsley
  3. How To Overcome The Fear of Math and Learn Math For Data Science, by Arnuld On Data
  4. How to Get Your First Job in Data Science without Any Work Experience, by Madison Hunter
  5. Top YouTube Channels for Data Science, by Matthew Mayo
  6. How I Got 4 Data Science Offers and Doubled my Income 2 Months After Being Laid Off, by Emma Ding
  7. What Google Recommends You do Before Taking Their Machine Learning or Data Science Course, by Harshit Tyagi
  8. More Data Science Cheatsheets, by Matthew Mayo