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Matt Reaney is the Founder and Director at Big Cloud, a talent search firm focusing on all things Big Data and helps innovative organisations across Europe, APAC and the US find the talent they need to grow.

Matt Reaney Posts (20)

  • Aspiring Data Scientists – 4 Steps To Get Hired - 27 Feb 2018
    The most common complaints we see from candidates who have faced rejection are lack of experience, education level requirements, lack of opportunities for Freshers, overly demanding and confusing job role requirements.
  • 2018 Data Science Salary Survey Report - 31 Jan 2018
    Throughout 2017, we conducted an online salary survey open to a range of data science professionals in order to capture data to help us better understand the market.
  • Is Religion The Next Frontier For AI? - 23 Dec 2017
    Different civilizations have worshiped many different gods and deities. Science, discovery and new technologies have influenced religion in the past, so will our digital age should birth an AI god?
  • How SnotBots, Surveys and NASA are saving our oceans - 14 Sep 2017
    There are many projects using computer vision systems, machine learning and large data sets to hopefully make a difference to our oceans and gain the knowledge to have a real impact on future sustainability.
  • Big Data Desperately Needs Transparency - 06 Mar 2017
    If Big Data is to realize its potential, people need to understand what it is capable of, what information is out there and where every piece of data comes from. Without such transparency and understanding, it will be difficult to persuade people to rely on the findings.
  • Creativity is Crucial in Data Science - 20 Feb 2017
    Creativity and Innovation are integral to Data Science and going forward in the world of AI, those are the things that will give edge to the humans over the machines.
  • Inside Industry 4.0: What’s Driving The Fourth Industrial Revolution? - 24 Oct 2016
    In the history of mankind and past three major industrial revolutions, horizontal innovations like wheel, steam engine, electricity and integrated chips have always been the crux of it and they changed the world dramatically. Well, fourth one is on its way! Want to know what’s driving it? Have a read at this crisp article.
  • Big Data is Too Big to Die - 09 Sep 2016
    As the traditionalist data analytics professionals dig their heels in and refuse to give in to the Big Data deluge, it is fast becoming clear that the volume of evidence for the new movement is too substantial to deny.
  • Big Data Doesn’t Rule The Olympics - 13 Aug 2016
    Whenever there is a Big Data conversation, especially in sports, expectations have to be set correctly. Big Data isn’t perfect, but it is a lot better than the more superficial methods of making a judgment.
  • What Has Pokemon Got To Do With Big Data? - 23 Jul 2016
    For me, the millions of people around the world playing Pokémon last weekend (and crashing their servers on a regular basis) showed me a glimpse of the future. There may well be an opportunity for real-time Big Data - I will give you a glimpse.