About Salil Mehta

Salil is a top-selling mathematics and statistics book author. Academic statistician, C-suite advisor, and risk strategist. Salil has nearly 19 years of experience, of which a dozen years were on Wall Street, performing proprietary trading and economic research for firms such as Salomon/Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley. He also served 2 years as the group Director of Analytics, in the US Dept of Treasury for the Administration's $700 billion TARP program. He is an adjunct professor in statistics and analytics at Georgetown.

Salil Mehta Posts (5)

  • Trump vs Clinton – What are the Odds? - 07 Mar 2016
    Even with 5% advantage for Clinton, statistical analysis and examining how undecided break towards these candidates, we estimate a 25%-30% chance that Trump would be elected president.
  • Understanding Rare Events and Anomalies: Why streaks patterns change - 08 Jan 2016
    We often look back at the past year and an overall history of rare events, and try to then extrapolate future odds of the same rare event, based on that. We illustrate here, that rare past events have no usefulness in understanding the rarity of the same events in the future!
  • Predictive Power of Terror Alerts and Monkeys - 04 Jan 2016
    The terrorism threat advisory system was designed to give the public prior warning to when terrorist plots are about to unfold. However, the analysis shows that this system is not more helpful than monkey throwing a dart.
  • Random vs Pseudo-random – How to Tell the Difference - 26 Oct 2015
    Statistical know-how is an integral part of Data Science. Explore randomness vs. pseudo-randomness in this explanatory post with examples.
  • Big Data Lessons from Microsoft “how-old” Experiment - 19 May 2015
    Salil Mehta examines Microsoft’s viral “How old do I look?” site, the limits of its age recognition, possible algorithms, and implications for Big Data analysis.