muPDNA: Mu Sigma First Analytics Software Product

Mu Sigma first analytics software product, muPDNA™ offers a structured approach to defining, representing and encoding intelligence about business problems. Originally developed for internal use, muPDNA is now available to any enterprise.

Chicago, Ill. - Mar 4, 2013 - Mu SigmaMu Sigma, one of the world's largest pure-play decision sciences and analytics firms, announced today its first analytics software product: muPDNA. muPDNA offers a structured approach to defining, representing and encoding intelligence about business problems so that they can then be addressed using data and analytics.

The dynamic nature of business creates the need for most organizations to solve multiple problems on a daily basis. These business problems often start off as muddy or fuzzy before becoming clear - for instance, "What can we do to stop declining sales?" This makes it challenging to define, articulate and represent business problems. Traditional problem-definition frameworks are not comprehensive enough for analytical problem definition. muPDNA is the first software to integrate all aspects of the business problem required for data-driven decision making, such as current state, desired outcomes, gaps/triggers, key questions, factors, hypothesis and data elements into one easy-to-use workbench that provides the right emphasis on design, hypothesis and representation.

muPDNAmuPDNA was originally developed for Mu Sigma's internal use - its own decision scientists have used it for 100+ client engagements over the past few years. Having recognized a market need for this type of product, Mu Sigma invested in assetizing this framework to help enterprises address business problem definition for analytics.

"Einstein famously said, 'If I had one hour to save the world, I'd spend the first 55 minutes defining the problem,'" said Dhiraj Rajaram, CEO of Mu Sigma. "muPDNA is all about framing and representing the problem. In our work with Fortune 500 clients, we've seen so many companies struggle to correctly define and represent the problem they are trying to solve."

For instance, a retail chain that's experiencing slowing sales in a region may feel that a new competitor's presence is affecting foot falls and respond with only that factor in mind. This runs the risk of not considering other factors. muPDNA nudges and guides users through the process of considering other potential factors, to ensure that an enterprise is considering every possible angle, leading to higher probability of discovery and reaching the right conclusion.

muPDNA is available now. The software is downloaded and run locally on a PC. Pricing begins at $600 per user per year, and server options are available for multi-user environments. For more information on muPDNA or to sign up for a free trial, visit

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