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Opinions and Interviews


  • Top stories for May 18-24 - May 25, 2014.
    New Poll: Analytics, Data Mining, Data Science Software Used? Stacking the Deck: The Next Wave of Opportunity in Big Data; Michael O'Connell on how to lead in Big Data; Tamr at the New Frontier of Big Data Curation.

Webcasts and Webinars


Meetings and Reports


  • Kreditech: Software Developer for Data Science Team - May 27, 2014.
    Kreditech is the DIGITAL LENDING company which provides easy, fast access to online loans to consumers worldwide. Automate automation of processes to ensure efficient developments and scalability, speeding up machine learning scoring.
  • Experian: Chief Scientist - May 24, 2014.
    Lead, manage and develop the technical team concentrating on new data asset evaluation and acquisition as well as new product development.
  • UBS Research: Digital/Web Analytics Manager - May 22, 2014.
    Help define our attribution strategy, KPIs, and reporting framework for our cross channel campaigns, track research campaigns from send to open to click to landing page activity and finally monetization.
  • Goldman Sachs: VP/Data Scientist, Surveillance Analytics Group - May 21, 2014.
    Lead the creation and development of big data analytics function to identify potential risk behaviors, including market manipulation, insider trading, and money laundering.
  • Nordeus: Data Scientist - May 21, 2014.
    Developing and conducting data-driven research used to generate insights to influence strategy and product improvements.

Academic/Research positions


  • Book: Data Mining and Analysis: Fundamental Concepts and Algorithms - May 27, 2014.
    This textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate data mining courses provides a broad yet in-depth overview of data mining, integrating related concepts from machine learning and statistics. Companion website has data, slides and other teaching material.
  • Outlier Detection for Temporal Data - May 22, 2014.
    Outlier Detection for Temporal Data covers topics in temporal outlier detection, which have applications in numerous fields. It starts with the basic topics then moves on to state of the art techniques in the field.

Top Tweets

  • Top KDnuggets tweets, May 23-25 - May 26, 2014.
    Data Science vs. Statistics: one big difference in Data Science focus; TGIF: A SQL query walks into a bar, approaches two girls at two tables ... Amazing demo - IBM #Watson analyzes topic, presents a speech, can debate opponents Microsoft #Kinect as Inexpensive #BigData Tool.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, May 21-22 - May 23, 2014.
    Outlier Detection for Temporal Data 1.5M #BigData managers will be needed - Become one with #ieMBD Goldman Sachs Surveillance Analytics InformationWeek 10 Big Data Pros To Follow On Twitter.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, May 19-20 - May 21, 2014.
    12 Free Data Mining, Data Science, Applied Stats, and Machine Learning Books Exclusive Interview: Michael O'Connell on How to Lead in Big Data Free ebook: The Complete Guide to Facebook Analytics AI, Deep Learning race between Google, Facebook, and Baidu.

CFP - Calls for Papers


TGIF: A SQL query walks into a bar, confidently approaches two girls at two tables and asks "May I join you?"