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  • WordStat 7: Shifting Text Analytics Into High Gear - Dec 2, 2014.
    WordStat 7 lets users get valuable and actionable insights from text faster, connect unstructured and structured information, and provides better help for the creation and validation of accurate text-categorization dictionaries.
  • LION Intelligent Learning and Optimization News - Nov 26, 2014.
    LION intelligent learning and optimization adds full support for Java packages, new visualization neatly explains overfitting, and get "The LION way" book on Kindle (free if you qualify).


  • Big Data Top Trends in 2015 - Nov 28, 2014.
    Big Data may bring increased usage of in-memory databases, data democratization, sensor data, customer and HR analytics, and big data-driven corporate insights in 2015, according to Josie King of Innovation Enterprise.
  • Surfing the Big Data Wave at H2O World - Nov 25, 2014.
    Recent H2O World event showcased its open-source, scalable machine learning in the cloud, intended for people familiar with R but limited by its scalability. H2O can run on Hadoop and also on Apache Spark.


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  • Boeing: Parallel Database Systems Engineer - Nov 25, 2014.
    Looking for experienced software researchers and developers with emphasis on massively parallel processing database architectures as applied to diverse data sets in the aerospace industry.
  • Boeing: Aerospace Systems Modeling and Simulation Engineer - Nov 25, 2014.
    We are interested in those experienced in aerospace systems modeling and software development with emphasis on simulation and visualization of diverse information sets using diverse system architectures.
  • Boeing: Advanced Technologist - Modeling - Nov 25, 2014.
    Modeling, using formal languages for system specification, requirements formalization, application of formal methods to safety analysis, vehicle health management, and test-case generation.
  • Boeing: Advanced Technologist - Nov 25, 2014.
    Innovative researchers with interests and experience in methods for machine learning, pattern recognition, machine vision, multi-modal sensor data fusion and visualization.

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  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Nov 24-30 - Dec 1, 2014.
    Linguistic Mapping Reveals How Word Meanings Sometimes Change Overnight;
    Practical #DataScience Cookbook, helps data practitioner;
    Facebook #AI team hires Vladimir Vapnik, father of #SVM;
    Starting data analysis/wrangling with R: Things I wish I'd been told.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Nov 26-28 - Nov 29, 2014.
    Facebook's #AI team hires Vladimir Vapnik, father of popular #SVM algorithm;
    Starting data analysis/wrangling with R: Things I wish I'd been told;
    How to deal with missing values - advice from @Knime #DataMining;
    Understanding The Various Sources of #BigData - Infographic.
  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Nov 24-25 - Nov 28, 2014.
    Why So Many Data Ideas Fail: beware of building on public or others data;
    #BigData Top Trends in 2015: In-memory DBs, Non-Data Scientists, Sensor Data ...;
    Hackathon pits data scientists against social problems;
    Great course: Intro to Statistical Learning, with Applications in R.

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"If you are going to use the word scientist in your title, you are going to be held accountable for it.", Sean McLure, Data Scientist: Owning Up to the Title.