Agilience Top Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Authorities

Agilience developed a new way to find authorities in social media across many fields of interest. In previous post we reviewed the top authorities in Data Mining and Data science; in this post we review top authorities in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which includes Vineet Vashishta, Kirk D. Borne, KDnuggets, James Kobielus, Kaggle and more.

Agilience Top Ten Authorities for Machine Learning

  1. KDnuggetsKDnuggets

    Covering #Analytics, #BigData, #DataMining, #DataScience, #MachineLearning, #DeepLearning. Founded by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro.

    @kdnuggets 33.2K Tweets, 67.3K followers

  2. Kirk D. BorneKirk Borne

    The Principal Data Scientist at @BoozAllen, PhD Astrophysicist, ♡ Data Science, Top Big Data Influencer. Ex-Professor

    @KirkDBorne 62.9K Tweets, 106K followers

  3. Vineet VashishtaVineet Vashishta

    The most trusted #MachineLearning brand in the world. Driven by the crazy idea that #DataScience must be simple & profitable. Spinning data into gold.

    @v_vashishta 14.5K Tweets, 22.4K followers

  4. KaggleKaggle

    The world’s largest community of data scientists. Join us to compete, collaborate, learn, and share your work.

    @kaggle 2.6K Tweets, 60.5K followers

  5. James Kobielus
    James Kobielus

    IBM Data Science Evangelist. Tweets are mine & don’t represent my employer’s opinion.

    @jameskobielus 60.1K Tweets, 19.9K followers

  6. Ben Lorica
    Ben Lorica

    Chief Data Scientist @OReillyMedia, Program Director of @strataconf & @OReillyAI. Host of the O’Reilly Data Show podcast. Every Sunday is a Hack Day.

    @bigdata 5.7K Tweets, 35.6K followers

  7. Vincent GranvilleVincent Granville

    Entrepreneur and pioneering data science, big data, machine learning, deep learning, IoT, AI, and predictive modeling expert.

    @analyticbridge 82.1K Tweets, 147K followers

  8. SlambySlamby

    Data Management Research Company Providing #MachineLearning Solution Specialized on #TextClassification dedicated to #eCommerce #Classifieds #JobPortal

    @slambynews 1.5K Tweets, 2.6K followers

  9. Marcus BorbaMarcus Borba

    Passionate about #BigData, #Analytics, #DataScience, #MachineLearning, #AI, #IoT, #BI, #DataMining & #DigitalTransformation. CTO Spark. #BBBT Member.

    @marcusborba 19.7K Tweets, 20.8K followers

  10. Michael Cavaretta
    Michael Cavaretta

    Director, Analytics Infrastructure, Ford Motor Co. Opinions are mine. Interests: #BigData, #Datascience, #machinelearning, #dataviz, #IoT, #mdm, #analytics

    @odsc 11.7K Tweets, 11.7K followers