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New Poll: Data Scientist and Data Community Job Satisfaction

Is Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer still the sexiest profession or have you been burned? Please vote in the new poll on job satisfaction.

Is Data Scientist still the sexiest profession?

On one hand we read that Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist - top US emerging jobs according to LinkedIn and Data Scientist - best job in America, 3 years in a row, according to Glassdoor.

On the other hand, a recent post Why so many data scientists are leaving their jobs by Jonny Brooks has touched a nerve and brought a lot of dissatisfaction to the surface.

Data Scientist Job Satisfaction What is your experience?

Please vote below and choose just one answer from each section.

We will analyze and report the results in about 2 weeks.

Choose one answer from each section
Your current job position satisfaction:
Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat unsatisfied
Very unsatisfied

How long in your current job/position:
< 1 year
1 to 2 years
2.1 to 4 years
4.1 to 8 years
8.1 to 16 years
over 16 years

Your job role /position (choose closest):
Data Scientist/Statistician
Machine Learning Engineer
Data Engineer
Data / BI Analyst
Software Developer
Researcher / Professor
Other position

Employment type:
Other type

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