Hands-on: Intro to Python for Data Analysis

Learn one of the top languages used in data science and machine learning with this new hands-on course by TDWI Online Learning.

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New to programming or just looking to learn Python? Learn one of the top languages used in data science and machine learning with this new hands-on course by TDWI Online Learning. 

In this eight-hour class, students will use Jupyter notebooks to learn and develop Python code. By the end of this workshop, you will have learned the basics of Python and have your own notebook of completed code, including examples of importing and visualizing data, that you can use in your own work.

Test it out and see whether this course is for you. Try the first two sections for free: get to know the instructor, William Henry, and go through the module "Understanding Variables." If you like the course, we'll send you a discount code for the rest. 

The full course covers:
  • How to use Python basics like lists, dictionaries, and strings.
  • How to use for loops, while loops, and if/else statements.
  • How to write your own functions.
  • How to read and write data files using Python.
  • How to use Pandas to load data from CSV and MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • How to select and group subsets of data.
  • How to analyze and transform data using built-in and custom functions.
  • How to use Pandas to efficiently handle date/time data (including time zone conversion)
  • How to create line plots, histograms, and bar charts.
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