What’s New On KDnuggets?

KDnuggets has been up to some things over the past several months. Check in quick to make sure you haven't missed anything.

What's New With KDnuggets?

Happy September, everyone.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to touch base with our readers, contributors, and the community at large, and share what's new with KDnuggets. Whether or not you noticed, we have undertaken some exciting projects over the past several months, and we will take a quick moment to shed some light on these happenings.

It has been a while since our website redesign began. We started with a fresh coat of paint, the redesign of a few core pages, and some overall streamlining. Since then, we have pruned some content pages, redesigned some of those pages that made the cut, and generally reorganized access to a bunch of our content, in hopes of making it more accessible to you.


What content have we updated?

First, our Education section has had an overhaul. We have streamlined content that falls into its subcategories, have added links to related resources, and made sure that all entries are up to date, whether they be certificates, courses, or Master's degrees. We have planned articles for helping readers identify and select top educational programs, and will be sharing them over the coming months.

Our Datasets section has also been updated, with existing links being verified and additions made. Our long term plans include maintaining an accurate and useful listing of dataset sources for readers, a one-stop data shop if you will. We're always on the lookout for great additions to the repository, so feel free to make suggestions if you have them.


And what content is new and noteworthy?

KDnuggets decided last month to regularly produce our own exclusive cheatsheet content. While we haven't released a ton of sheets as of yet, we have 4 such cheatsheets planned for September, with the first coming this week, so keep an eye out for that. Remember to check back to the cheatsheets page regularly for updates and new resources.

We have also put together a page collecting the publications being made available to our readers from a variety of sources, including our partners, our sister organization Machine Learning Mastery, and picks from around the web. We encourage you to have a look at this page as the collection grows.


Some editorial notes

On the editorial side, you may have noticed that we have an outstanding team of in-house writers at this point. We are plotting our way editorially, including topics and concepts we want to cover, so please feel free to reach out and suggest article topics you would like to see covered on the site.

We also still accept community submissions, though we ask that submissions have not been previously published elsewhere. It's part of our strategy to bring readers (mostly) original content. Rewards are still in effect as well, with the top 8 articles of the month, regardless of source, splitting a pot of rewards money based on relative number of views. We encourage those quality submissions to keep coming!

Also, for the month of September, the community submission (written by a non-KDnuggets writer) which receives the highest number of views for the month will receive a print copy of Super Study Guide: Algorithms & Data Structures, generously donated by book authors, and friends of KDnuggets, Afshine and Shervine Amidi. We have written an overview of this great resource in the past, which you can find out more about here.

We notice every month that we have a mix of returning and new readers, additional newsletter subscribers, and an increase in our social media followers and interactions. Don't forget to check us out on our social media channels — including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn — and remember to subscribe to our newsletter if you have not already.

Most importantly, keep an eye on the site for our daily updates. We have a lot in store for the next few months, with September seeing a number of big things, some of which I have outlined above.

And in the meantime, check out some of our recent posts.