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About Benjamin Obi Tayo, Ph.D.

Physicist, Data Science Educator, Writer. Owner, DataScienceHub. Previously, was teaching Engineering and Physics at U. of Central Oklahoma, Grand Canyon U., and Pittsburgh State U.

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  • Rewards BlogSilver BlogAdvice for Learning Data Science from Google’s Director of Research - 19 Jul 2021
    Surfing the professional career wave in data science is a hot prospect for many looking to get their start in the world. The digital revolution continues to create many exciting new opportunities. But, jumping in too fast without fully establishing your foundational skills can be detrimental to your success, as is suggested by this advice for data science newbies from Peter Norvig, the Director of Research at Google.
  • This Data Visualization is the First Step for Effective Feature Selection - 08 Jun 2021
    Understanding the most important features to use is crucial for developing a model that performs well. Knowing which features to consider requires experimentation, and proper visualization of your data can help clarify your initial selections. The scatter pairplot is a great place to start.
  • Rewards BlogGold BlogEssential Linear Algebra for Data Science and Machine Learning - 10 May 2021
    Linear algebra is foundational in data science and machine learning. Beginners starting out along their learning journey in data science--as well as established practitioners--must develop a strong familiarity with the essential concepts in linear algebra.
  • Gold BlogHow to organize your data science project in 2021 - 19 Apr 2021
    Maintaining proper organization of all your data science projects will increase your productivity, minimize errors, and increase your development efficiency. This tutorial will guide you through a framework on how to keep everything in order on your local machine and in the cloud.
  • How to frame the right questions to be answered using data - 18 Mar 2021
    Understanding your data first is a key step before going too far into any data science project. But, you can't fully understand your data until you know the right questions to ask of it.
  • 10 resources for data science self-study - 17 Feb 2021
    Many resources exist for the self-study of data science. In our modern age of information technology, an enormous amount of free learning resources are available to anyone, and with effort and dedication, you can master the fundamentals of data science.
  • Gold BlogBuild a Data Science Portfolio that Stands Out Using These Platforms - 19 Jan 2021
    Making your big break into the data science profession means standing out to potential employers in a crowd of tough competition. An important way to showcase your skills and experience is through the presentation of a portfolio. Following these recommendations for developing your portfolio will help you network effectively and stay on top of an ever-changing field.
  • Platinum Blog20 Core Data Science Concepts for Beginners - 08 Dec 2020
    With so much to learn and so many advancements to follow in the field of data science, there are a core set of foundational concepts that remain essential. Twenty of these ideas are highlighted here that are key to review when preparing for a job interview or just to refresh your appreciation of the basics.
  • Silver BlogIs Data Science for Me? 14 Self-examination Questions to Consider - 17 Nov 2020
    You are intrigued by this exciting new field of Data Science, and you think you want in on the action. The demand remains very high and the salaries are strong. Before taking the leap onto this path, these questions will help you evaluate if you are ready for the challenges and opportunities.
  • Silver BlogHow to ace the data science coding challenge - 15 Oct 2020
    Preparing to interview for a Data Scientist position takes preparation and practice, and then it could all boil down to a final review of your skills. Based on personal experience, these tips on how to approach such a review will help you excel in the coding challenge project for your next interview.

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