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About Benjamin Obi Tayo, Ph.D.

Physicist, Data Science Educator, Writer. Owner, DataScienceHub. Previously, was teaching Engineering and Physics at U. of Central Oklahoma, Grand Canyon U., and Pittsburgh State U.

Benjamin Obi Tayo, Ph.D. Posts (3)

  • Gold BlogData Science MOOCs are too Superficial - 20 Jul 2020
    Most massive open online courses are too superficial because they offer introductory-level courses. For in-depth knowledge, more is needed to increase your knowledge and expertise after establishing a foundation.
  • Platinum BlogHow Much Math do you need in Data Science? - 26 Jun 2020
    There exist so many great computational tools available for Data Scientists to perform their work. However, mathematical skills are still essential in data science and machine learning because these tools will only be black-boxes for which you will not be able to ask core analytical questions without a theoretical foundation.
  • Data Science Curriculum for self-study - 26 Feb 2020
    Are you asking the question, "how do I become a Data Scientist?" This list recommends the best essential topics to gain an introductory understanding for getting started in the field. After learning these basics, keep in mind that doing real data science projects through internships or competitions is crucial to acquiring the core skills necessary for the job.

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