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Data Scientist at fintech (bank) industry, based in HK. Passionate in resolving mystery about data science and machine learning. Join me on the self-learning journey.

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  • 5 Concepts You Should Know About Gradient Descent and Cost Function - 07 May 2020
    Why is Gradient Descent so important in Machine Learning? Learn more about this iterative optimization algorithm and how it is used to minimize a loss function.
  • Data Transformation: Standardization vs Normalization - 23 Apr 2020
    Increasing accuracy in your models is often obtained through the first steps of data transformations. This guide explains the difference between the key feature scaling methods of standardization and normalization, and demonstrates when and how to apply each approach.
  • More Performance Evaluation Metrics for Classification Problems You Should Know - 03 Apr 2020
    When building and optimizing your classification model, measuring how accurately it predicts your expected outcome is crucial. However, this metric alone is never the entire story, as it can still offer misleading results. That's where these additional performance evaluations come into play to help tease out more meaning from your model.
  • Silver BlogA Top Machine Learning Algorithm Explained: Support Vector Machines (SVM) - 18 Mar 2020
    Support Vector Machines (SVMs) are powerful for solving regression and classification problems. You should have this approach in your machine learning arsenal, and this article provides all the mathematics you need to know -- it's not as hard you might think.
  • Python Pandas For Data Discovery in 7 Simple Steps - 10 Mar 2020
    Just getting started with Python's Pandas library for data analysis? Or, ready for a quick refresher? These 7 steps will help you become familiar with its core features so you can begin exploring your data in no time.
  • Gold BlogLinear to Logistic Regression, Explained Step by Step - 03 Mar 2020
    Logistic Regression is a core supervised learning technique for solving classification problems. This article goes beyond its simple code to first understand the concepts behind the approach, and how it all emerges from the more basic technique of Linear Regression.
  • Decision Tree Intuition: From Concept to Application - 27 Feb 2020
    While the use of Decision Trees in machine learning has been around for awhile, the technique remains powerful and popular. This guide first provides an introductory understanding of the method and then shows you how to construct a decision tree, calculate important analysis parameters, and plot the resulting tree.