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Hadrien Jean owns a Ph.D in cognitive science and works as a machine learning scientist specialized in sound and education. He wrote a series of tutorials as notes of the Deep Learning Book from Ian Goodfellow helping thousands of people to learn math for machine learning. He's also working on speech processing and leads projects on biodiversity assessment using deep learning applied to audio recordings. He concurrently teaches machine learning and deep learning in data science bootcamps at Le Wagon.

Hadrien Jean Posts (12)

  • Preprocessing for Deep Learning: From covariance matrix to image whitening - 10 Oct 2018
    The goal of this post/notebook is to go from the basics of data preprocessing to modern techniques used in deep learning. My point is that we can use code (Python/Numpy etc.) to better understand abstract mathematical notions!
  • Gold BlogBoost your data science skills. Learn linear algebra. - 03 May 2018
    The aim of these notebooks is to help beginners/advanced beginners to grasp linear algebra concepts underlying deep learning and machine learning. Acquiring these skills can boost your ability to understand and apply various data science algorithms.