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Kit Feber is the Co-Founder of www.bigcloud.io, specialists in Big Data recruitment – connecting innovative organisations with the best talent in Data Analytics and Data Science. For more Big Data and Data Science related articles visit our website or get in touch via Linkedin or Twitter – @bigcloudteam.

Kit Feber Posts (6)

  • Artificial Intelligence ‘Chatbots’ – When or if? - 09 May 2016
    Chatbots can have extensive applications, now that Facebook is considering to implement AI in their Messenger and WhatsApp platforms. We examine 3 main factors that will determine the success of chatbots.
  • Will Data Science Insure Our Future? - 04 Apr 2016
    Could Data Science in the insurance industry actually reduce the price of policies, as individual companies and people are no longer being judged against the average, and might be incentivised to change their lifestyle to improve their policy?
  • Nurture by Numbers – Big Data and Children - 05 Mar 2016
    Driven by rising healthcare costs and competitions for top schools, more organisations and individuals are turning to Big Data and Analytics to try and give their children the upper hand.
  • How Data Science is Fighting Disease - 22 Feb 2016
    Many organisations are starting to use Data Science as a method of tracking, diagnosing and curing some of the world’s most widespread diseases. We look at 3 common diseases, and how Data Science is used to save lives.
  • Does Machine Learning allow opposites to attract? - 11 Feb 2016
    Most online dating sites use 'Netflix-style' recommendations which match people based on their shared interests and likes. What about those matches that work so well because people are so different - here is my example.
  • Top 5 Big Data / Machine Learning Podcasts - 10 Dec 2015
    Podcasts are probably one of the most underrated forms of communication, especially given that, for the most part, they are free. Here we have collected best of big data and machine learning podcasts.