Interactive Big Data Timeline

A very interesting interactive Big Data timeline takes you from the beginning of information overload in 1880s to Business Intelligence, World Wide Web, Hadoop, Cloud, and more.

Winshuttle, an ERP Usability company, recently created an interactive timeline on the history of Big Data, working with Gil Press @gilpress of to collect and organize the information.

The timeline displays a pictorial history of data storage as early as the 1930s, when it began to explode, the introduction of computers, business breakthroughs, future data predictions and more.

It marks 1880s as the Start of Information Overload. The 1880 U.S. Census took eight years to tabulate. US Census is taken every 10 years and it was estimated that with the technology available then, the 1890 census would take more than 10 years. This led to the invention of the Hollerith Tabulating machine which was the precursor to IBM.

Here are some selected highlights from the timeline:
  • Parkinson's Law of Data, formulated in 1980s, says
    Data expands to fill the space available.
  • The late 80s to early 90s saw a rise in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Business Intelligence appears in 1989.
  • The World Wide Web explodes in 1995.
  • The term "big data" was used for the first time in a 1997 article by NASA researchers Michael Cox and David Ellsworth.
  • in 2001 Gartner Analyst Doug Laney published a paper "3D Data Management: Controlling Data Volume, Velocity, and Variety" which gave the origin to 3Vs of Big Data.
  • Hadoop appears in 2006
  • 2008 paper by Chris Anderson claims that "Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete"
  • in 2011 IBM introduces a hashtag #IBMbigdata which is marks IBM expansion in this area
  • 2020: The Future of Big Data - Experts point to an estimated 4300% increase in annual data generation by 2020.
The Rapid Growth of Big Data
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