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Machine Learning Table of Elements Decoded

Machine learning packages for Python, Java, Big Data, Lua/JS/Clojure, Scala, C/C++, CV/NLP, and R/Julia are represented using a cute but ill-fitting metaphor of a periodic table. We extract the useful links.

The Machine Learning periodic table from, a machine learning newsletter, lists machine learning packages for languages like Python and Java and tasks like NLP and Computer Vision. Below, you can see the table itself.

Machine Learning Periodic Table

Below are the elements in the table, listed by their "group".

Machine Learning Packages in Python (Light Blue):
Machine Learning Packages in Java (Green):
Machine Learning Packages for Big Data (Dark Blue):
Machine Learning Packages in Lua/JS/Clojure (Red):
Machine Learning Packages in Scala (Yellow):
Machine Learning Packages in C/C++ (Dark Orange):
Machine Learning Packages for Computer Vision and NLP (Orange):
Machine Learning Packages in R/Julia (Grey):

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