Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist among the best US Jobs in 2018

Machine Learning Engineer, with avg. salary of $136K and Data Scientist, with avg. salary $133K are among the top US jobs in 2018, according to job site Indeed.

Recent Indeed Survey identified best US jobs for 2018, based on growth in postings, salary, and number of job titles.

Again, Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer were among the best jobs. The site Howmuch puts Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist in the top 2 positions based on their salary.
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Indeed 2018 Us Best Jobs
Fig. 1: Top US Jobs in 2018, based on Salary (Y-Axis) and Growth (X-Axis).
Circle size is proportional to the number of job titles.

We note that Data Scientist positions are much more common than Machine Learning Engineers, but demand for ML Engineers grows faster.

We also note that majority of top jobs are in non-tech professions, including optometrist at no. 3 (probably all those Data Scientists and Engineers need new glasses frequently :).

Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist were among the fastest growing and best US jobs in 2018 also according to LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

Here is the Indeed data for the top 12 jobs with the highest salaries.

Machine learning engineer$136,241166%123
Data Scientist$132,915106%647
Computer vision engineer$131,297169%38
Development operations engineer$125,71491%836
Agile coach$120,14280%88
Chief estimator$116,848101%24
Full stack developer$111,640198%900
Head of sales$108,78842%22
Staff pharmacist$107,58442%380
Product Owner$101,85733%451
User experience researcher$99,55128%77